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Ebook Education: Know Your Formats

Hey there remarkable author. Want your titles to reach even more readers? Then it’s time for an ebook education. You need to know your formats!

PDF, LIT, BBEB, EPUB.  There are literally dozens of different file formats able to be assigned to the end of your would-be ebook.  All the buzz these days seems to be mostly about EPUBs, and for good reason.  EPUBs are the most universally accepted file format for devices.  Want to sell on the iPad?  EPUB!  Want to sell on the NOOK? EPUB!

You can turn a properly formatted Word DOCX into an EPUB using Lulu’s site in minutes, but don’t just stop there. The ebook education continues! While most devices accept EPUBs, some ebook tech mainly accept proprietary file formats so keeping up on tech trends can go a long way in getting your content out to the most customers.

Lulu author Stephen Stark puts it best:  “ebooks are not the future of publishing.  They are the present.”  And right he is.  Any author today would do well to study up on all the different ebook formats and offer their titles in as many mediums as possible.  EPUBs might be the bee’s knees but that doesn’t mean another format won’t come along.  These days, you never know how your next big fan might discover your works, so making your content as accessible as possible is the name of the game.  The less your limit your titles to just one format or medium, the easier you make it on your readers to purchase and can avoid losing sales just because you didn’t offer your book the way they wanted.

For more info on how to create an ebook of your own, check out our handy YouTube Channel.

Happy selling Lulu author!

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1 thought on “Ebook Education: Know Your Formats”

  1. Michael Chesley John

    Some time ago, you removed the capability to sell media files through Lulu. I’d been selling short videos. You said I should put them in ePub files; well, you don’t support video in ePub. (This is what your tech support people told me.) So, based on other suggestions, I’ve created Adobe PDFs with the videos embedded. These do NOT work with Adobe Digital Editions, yet you tell people to use that software to view them in the store. I have also had Macintosh users complain about not being able to view them. So, I have now put a disclaimer up that reads: “Important Note about the Videos! The videos are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, and contain embedded Windows Media Files (wmf format). These will not play in Adobe Digital Editions – use Adobe Acrobat Reader instead. Also, if you are using an Apple device, you will need a Windows Media player installed to do so. If you have problems, get a refund from Lulu.”
    If you can give me any assistance on this matter, it’d be much appreciated.

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