Ecommerce For Your Book

Get the printing, publishing, and ecommerce advice you need from Lulu’s team of experts.

6 Tips for Self-Publishing Success

Want to expand your product offering to include a book by you? These self-publishing tips will help you bring your knowledge to your audience.

Why You Should Sell More Than Books

You want to sell books, but you also need to earn enough revenue to keep writing those books! Adding merchandise can be the answer.

Publishing, NFTs, And Your Book

NFTs – non-fungible tokens – offer a new way to own digital assets. But what does this innovation mean for authors and book-makers?

Direct-to-Consumer Bookselling

Selling your book direct to consumers – your readers – is the best way to earn more money while building your author brand.

3 Pro Tips For Your Shopify Orders

Do you use Lulu xPress to sell your book through a Shopify store? If so, these pro tips will help you make the shopping experience even better!

Understanding API: Lulu Book Printing

Understanding how API technology works is a tall order. We’re breaking it down so you can better see how Lulu makes print-on-demand works.

6 Step Quick Start Publisher Guide

There’s a very thin line between an author and a publisher. With the Lulu Direct app for Shopify and this publisher guide, you can be both!

Lulu Direct: Social Selling On Shopify

Learn how to connect your social media tools with your Print-on-demand book to sell your book to your readers without sending them to a retail site.

Lulu as a Business Partner

Think publishing and print-on-demand is just for authors? Think again. Lulu is a key business partner for a number of companies around the world.

Lulu xPress For Shopify
Lulu xPress For Shopify

Use Shopify’s simple interface and the Lulu xPress App to build your own ecommerce bookstore.

Lulu Print API

Integrate Lulu’s global print network into your own site using our Open API. There are no fees and you pay only to print and ship orders.

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