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Email Marketing 101: Making the Most of Seasonal Sales

Today class is in session. The topic? Email Marketing 101. Let’s get into the quick and easy ways you can use discounts to build your email followers!

Let’s try out a few seasonal metaphors for your email marketing efforts…

  • Stuff your readers’ stockings with email!
  • Deck the halls with deals on ebooks!
  • Pass the turkey and mashed potatoes!
  • and… strategically develop an email marketing plan that takes advantage of’s sales and special offers…

Okay, so that last one doesn’t really flow. But—it’s good advice all the same. Email marketing that coincides with Lulu’s impressive special offers is the next best thing to having your books carried right down your readers’ chimneys.

What’s so great about it? For starters, email marketing works. Social media may seem the savvier approach, but email is roughly six times more effective at bringing in new buyers than Facebook and Twitter. Email gives you a great platform for sharing special offers and introducing new books, without your carefully crafted content getting lost in the endless scroll of tweets and status updates.

And it’s simple. It inspired us to share a template with you based on an email from one of our authors to his reader base. So, you can take what’s below based on an offer we currently have running—and be sure to get the email out soon.

Email Subject Line: Get <Book Title> for 35% Off
Email Body:
Have you ordered a printed copy of <book title> yet? <Placeholder for one-line description of title> If you haven’t placed your order already, then today is the day to do it.
Until December 3, you can save 35% by checking out with code WQT32 on Visit the link: <Placeholder for a link to book>, add it to your cart, and apply the code at checkout to have your discount applied.
Plus, you can grab copies at a great deal to share with friends and family.
Grab a copy today! <Link to book>
<Author name>

PLEASE NOTE: The code above (WQT32) is not a real or active coupon code for Lulu. It’s just an example…

Next Level Email Marketing

See? Simple. You can highlight the current savings, briefly describe the book, and gives easy instructions. It’s low-pressure, good-natured, informative and brief. You can even provide a link right to your Author Spotlight and save your readers from searching.

But if you’re ready to move on to more advanced email marketing techniques, don’t fret! Check out our Next Level post with details and tips to up your email marketing game.

And, though we are entering the season of sharing and shopping, this strategy works year-round. At Lulu, we’re always looking for ways to promote you and sell your books. Whenever we have a sale—seasonal or otherwise—send out an email blast letting everyone know. After all, ‘tis always the season for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Email Marketing 101: Making the Most of Seasonal Sales”

  1. Jackie,
    Hi Henry. You say that emails are six times more productive than social media but where do authors find the reader base you refer to if they do not use social media? Is there an alternative way to find potential buyers?

  2. Is there a phone contact about LuLu offering my newly written children/students book, Daniel 70 Weeks Prophecy Revealed. My manuscript is completed and it looks beautiful with gloss front cover and inside sheen paper. It has 48 inside page numbers, or 24 sheets of paper back to back. I would like to market this book, hopefully to sale by Christmas.

  3. I have a powerful spiritual book, title Mystery of Divine Prayer. It is a prayer book which addresses 92 bothering problems. It ‘s 209 pages. I will be glad if you can help to market it or buy it.

  4. Hi Lulu, thanks for this post, I had not thought of offering your discounts to my market. Will you be having any other sales in the next two weeks for Christmas shopping buyers? Thanks again for the template!

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