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Expand Your Business with Custom Publishing Solutions

Custom Publishing Solutions

I had an interesting conversation with an author recently who has a very specific vision.  We veered into talking about very specific custom publishing solutions to her needs. She wants to connect and sell directly to her readers.  And eventually she wants to run her own publishing business directly from her website starting with her own titles. 

This would enable her to maximize her profits and directly tap into her fan-base while helping other aspiring authors share their works too. The problem is she didn’t have an easy means of distribution, ebook creation, or order fulfillment.  She needed someone to help her do the heavy lifting on the back-end, so she could focus on creating a successful business.  That’s where Lulu’s Publishing API (Application Programmer Interfaces) comes in.

Using the Lulu API

An API is like a Lego® block that makes a website or application work.  All the “blocks” that make Lulu’s great self-publishing site function are available to the public so that anyone can use them no matter their needs or their market.  With Lulu APIs, authors, publishers, businesses, and developers alike can take whatever pieces they need from Lulu and use them on their own websites to produce, manage, and sell content.  The best part? They are free.

Suddenly this up-and-coming author has a custom publishing solution to start that business she dreams about.  She can sign up other authors but can relax while she uses Lulu’s global print-on-demand network to cut on shipping costs.  She gets to offer her authors distribution through Lulu’s retail partners—where many readers already shop. It’s all under her own imprint and designed for her to be more profitable than ever before possible.

Self-Publishing and ecommerce

Lulu is constantly rolling out new APIs too. Lulu’s ecommerce APPs allow customers to buy directly through an author or business’s own website. Also, be on the lookout for the general availability of our Creator Revenue and Distribution APIs which allow a business or imprint to keep track of an author’s earnings and distribute directly from their storefront.

The Lulu APIs are empowering people and organizations—like our friends at campus bookstores across the nation—to grow and monetize content in exciting new ways while diversifying revenue and expanding their businesses; all under one roof.  Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more exciting news about how our APIs are helping to break down even more barriers for authors, for businesses, and for everyone in between.

Team Lulu

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