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Finding Adventure (Featured Authors)

Summer is here. And despite what our reading lists might indicate, this is the perfect time of year to get out and experience something new. To have an adventure! Whether you’re packing up and traveling far and wide on a vacation or simply spending a day at the beach, summer is the time to travel.

So for June’s featured authors, we’ve got two books all about traveling.

Maybe your summer reading list is looking a little thin. Or maybe you just need to get inspired for your own travel adventures. Regardless, we’ve got you covered with these amazing books.

Ed Beale

From Connecticut, Ed is a retired military officer and helicopter pilot formerly with the U.S. Coast Guard. With his wife Michelle, they saved and planned for 14 years before embarking on a 105-day long tour of the world. “West By Sea” is a diary of that journey with anecdotes, pictures, and even a hidden treasure hunt embedded throughout the book!

Michelle’s dream was to travel the world and nothing was going to stop her from embarking on this trip. She knew this could inspire others, so they funded a book about the trip using Kickstarter. It all paid off, with “West By Sea” being nominated for multiple awards for the book’s design and in travel book categories.

Ed chose Lulu because of the option to print in hardcover. He said the first time he held his own physical book was “pure magic.” While he was creating the book, he said the “challenge was finding a pleasing design to showcase both text and images, while also including the treasure hunt.” He used Adobe InDesign to lay out the pages and ended up with each page including over three dozen layered elements!

Ed cultivated his writing by working with local writing groups and suggests the same for anyone interested in storytelling.

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West By Sea

Michelle refused to let a cancerous brain tumor end her dreams, so she boarded a ship for 105 epic days of adventure. Follow her on this inspiring journey around the world. Along the way, decode clues to locate an engraved object that is hidden somewhere on planet Earth. Can you solve the puzzle and claim the prize?

West By Sea

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Aida Frey

With an adventure spanning 7 years and counting, Aida Frey has visited more than 311 National Parks in the USA! Her adventures brought Aida to around 45 parks per year, nearly one a week!

It also makes Aida the most decorated Junior Ranger in the National Park Service.

During her travels, Aida kept a diary for her own memories of the parks. But after many years of visiting these national sites, Aida realized she wanted to share that adventure with the world. That’s how “America, Can I Have Your Autograph?” was born.

The title was inspired by the stamps on her Parks Passport. Aida always makes sure to stamp her Parks Passport so she can remember exactly what day she visited each park.

Aida also wanted her book to connect with a younger audience so she included a special chapter with her fox stuffed animal who has accompanied her on every adventure.

Her book is more than just an awesome recollection of her adventures into some of America’s most interesting natural treasures. Aida wants to inspire people of all ages to visit these parks too.

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America, Can I Have Your Autograph?

You might think Junior Ranger Aida Frey is an ordinary girl from Chicago, but you’d be wrong.
She’s actually the sweetheart of national parks, and in this travel diary, she shares delightful stories from her fun-filled America’s Two Hundred National Park Friendship Tour.
Aida takes you into caves, to old battlefields, and to the stuff of legends.

America, Can I Have Your Autograph?: The Story of Junior Ranger Aida Frey

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