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I am a foodie.  I was raised in the south by a mother and grandmother that loved to cook and I can spot a good restaurant a mile away.  If I know anything, it’s food.  Some say I’m a harsh critic when it comes to any dish, but we all know what a little extra attention and care can do for a recipe.  You have to start somewhere though, and Lulu can help you make a cookbook full of your own favorite dishes or you can check out some of the really great ones we have to offer – from healthy eating to down-home comfort food.

Let’s start with what I know best:  soul-food.

Comfort and Joy by Callie Works-Leary

This soft-cover cookbook features large, high-quality color pictures and gives you the know-how to make a quick snack or a five-course meal right in your own kitchen.   This book has the perfect mix of “stick-to-your-rib” delights like “Texas Slow-Cooked BBQ Brisket” as well as fun, light dishes like “Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Apricots.”

Comfort and Joy is a collection of recipes for the way that we really cook, eat, and entertain in our rapidly changing times. Most importantly, it is food that is comforting in its simplicity and depth of flavor, but joyous in its creativity and charm.  It is perfect for every-day use or for hosting a party.

Licence to Cook by Edward Biddulph

Every guy on Earth either thinks he’s James Bond or tries really hard to act like him.  This cookbook makes it easier than ever to live like the dapper secret agent by showing you how to make recipes that were actually featured throughout all of Ian Fleming’s famous Bond novels.  From Bond’s favorite meal, to how he takes his coffee, this cookbook lets you eat like James Bond for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Just try not to drink so many martinis.

Hugh’s Who:  The Name-Dropper’s Cookbook by Hugh Millais

This cookbook is something completely different and very cool.   Here, author Hugh Millais tells his life story in what turns out to be a mix between a memoir and a cookbook.

An adventurer in the classic sense, Hugh Millais has made a career of being in the right place at the right time.  His cookbook is loaded with sprawling pictures, historical documents, and old keep-sakes intermingled with humorous and witty stories featuring real-life meetings with people like Salvidor Dali and Ernest Hemingway.  Millais truly understands that food can be a direct tie to culture and to people.  His book spans countless countries and has an outrageous anecdote for every dish, this cookbook is an ingenious look at the life and times of Hugh Millais and his notorious friends.

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