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Future Authors Tour Lulu

Lulu's future author group photo

On April 17th we welcomed a group of students (or future authors?) who wanted to learn about Lulu and self-publishing.

After sharing a snack of donuts and juice in the Pulitzer meeting room, we talked about how books get from computer to publisher to bookstore. We then provided a brief history of, how it was conceived, and how print-on-demand self-publishing differs from traditional publishing.

The students were really well prepared with questions about content, editing, formats, revenue, distribution and top selling categories. With all the questions answered, we began the tour. First we stopped in to visit the Information Technology and Engineering. Then it was on to Accounting, Fulfillment, Customer Support, and Marketing areas. At each stop, a team member explained how their group helps authors print, publish, and sell their books.

Meet Lulu Junior

The last stop on the tour included a demonstration of how our Lulu Junior book-making kits are received, scanned, typeset, and prepared for binding. Then gave each future author a book-making kit. They opened the kits and we hosted a tutorial on developing a good plot, storyboarding, and character creation. Ready to create, we ended with instructions for returning the kits for printing.

A group of future authors learning from Lulu team members

A few days after the tour, we received the following message from the group’s leader.

“I’ve heard nothing but fantastic comments about our time spent with Lulu, and there are many children hard at work on their LuluJr kits.  I can’t wait to see the finished products! Thank you for your time and generosity and for sharing your expertise in the publishing world.  These opportunities give our children not only great writing information, but also information about jobs, careers, and helps them steer their higher-level education in knowledgeable ways.  Thank you very much.”

We are also grateful for the opportunity to share our daily tasks with this group of students. Their visit served as a welcome reminder that 100 people working in an office in Raleigh, NC can have a positive effect on the lives of authors, educators and readers around the world – as well as a local group of future authors.

Future Author? Come see us!

  • Want to schedule a field trip to our Raleigh facility or to learn how self-publishing can be incorporated into your students’ learning experience? Send an email to
  • To read the group’s write-up about their Lulu field trip, see Become a Published Author with Lulu.
Future authors putting together their Lulu Junior stories
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6 thoughts on “Future Authors Tour Lulu”

  1. I am nearing completion of a manuscript I want to publish. What’s the first step?

  2. Just about ready to publish The Messenger in June! Thank you so much LuLu and staff for such an amazing writing/publishing experience!!!

  3. @Ross – Thank you for your kind words. I shared them with my colleagues as a pleasant reminder of why we come to work every day – to help authors like you.

  4. Having written more than two hundred hard cover books in a lifetime of writing, most of which were published by major trade publishers in New York, I finally turned to Lulu, and I am not surprised at the treatment you give new and potential authors. You have treated me the same way, with help, courtesy, and prompt consideration when I had a question. And don’t forget one of the most important things you offer, the fact that the author has absolute control over content. I highly recommend Lulu to any author, lifetime or brand new. Thanks.

  5. Once your manuscript is complete, you upload the entire file in the publishing wizard. Make sure your file is formatted for the size book you wish to print – 6×9, 8.5xll, etc.

  6. robin barry bennett

    I am still typing and working on my story. It is Copyright washington d.c. Can I type it as I go. How do I get all all these words in and published? p.s. I do think this is really wonderful. I friend helped me with this. This is how she got her book published.

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