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Get Fit With Lulu!

September 27th is Family Health and Fitness Day USA (I know, I didn’t have it on my calendar either!). Doesn’t matter though. Get fit anyway! Today we have three books to help you work on your fitness goals! Dive in and feel better. Bonus, get ready for all those holiday treats with a fitness plan!

Are you a fitness fan? Running, biking, climbing; do these activities speak to you? Then maybe you should make your own book on Lulu!

Family Games

This reference book contains over 300 games, and is designed to help parents and other adults who supervise and entertain small groups of children (1 to 6 players). The book is divided into three sections: physical and mental, life skills, and educational. The physical and mental games are for fun and fitness, birthday parties, family get-togethers, and rainy days indoors. The life skill games teach map and compass reading, first aid, outdoor cooking, home safety, campcraft, knotting and other handy things to know.

Family Games

A family that gets fit together has fun together – especially if you’re playing one of the fun games in Kathi Wyldeck’s Family Games. 

The Runner’s Cookbook

The Runner’s Cookbook includes 100 recipes submitted by some of the world’s greatest distance runners. The book contains recipes that can be used for maximizing performance and recovery, as well as recipes for simply indulging yourself after a hard training session. All of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the Ryan Shay Memorial Fund and the Jenny Crain “Make It Happen” Fund.

The Runner's Cookbook

Speaking of dinner…let’s work on the healthy part of the day. You need more than just exercise to get fit. With organic and health food stores everywhere, slow food movements and even fast-food places offering a fruit cup instead of fries, eating healthy is becoming easier. If you’re looking for some new and inventive recipes, try the Runner’s Cookbook (ooo..running and cooking).

Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes

This is a cookbook with 30 minute dinner menus, that are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and soy free. It consists of 30 menus, each of which will take approximately 30 minutes to prepare for the woman (or man) who needs to prepare healthy meals in a short amount of time that doesn’t consist of alot of unhealthy carbohydrates. These recipes are not original, but have been adapted from other recipes.
The purpose of this cookbook is to give a variety of dinner meal suggestions to keep meal time from being boring and at the same time healthy and on the table in about 30 minutes.

Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes

Think health equals a long time to cook?  Au contraire! With Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes you can create a variety of gluten-, dairy-, sugar- and soy-free meals without having to slave over a stove all day.

Get Fit with Lulu today!

So with plans in hand for a fun day, go enjoy Health and Fitness Day with friends and family.  The more the merrier and the better the games!

Team Lulu

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  1. With all the video games being played by children these days, it’s even harder for them to stay fit. The beauty of “Family Games” is that the activities are fun to play, and the health and fitness benefits of the games are barely noticed! The games also encourage much-needed, quality family time for parents and children to spend together.

  2. It’s great to see books on staying healthy. If people would learn more on how to stay healthy and then discipline themselves to doing it, they’d see their doctor bills go down, and they’d live for longer happier lives.

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