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Making the world a more equitable and better place can be hard, tiring work. While Lulu can’t give you more hours in the day to tackle your changemaker to-do’s, we can better fuel your waking hours. Lulu teamed up with our friends at Larry’s Coffee, to create a unique coffee blend that combines the perfect balance of caffeine, flavor, and love. Behold, Get Lit, a medium-heavy body, earthy spice, roast with a distinct berry acidity and chocolate liquor finish.

Larry's Coffee Get Lit Blend with Writer's Fuel Mug in grass.

This blend will delight your taste buds and champion literacy. Larry’s Coffee will donate 5% of Get Lit sales to benefit the Durham Literacy Center, a nonprofit that provides free literary services to adults and out-of-school youth in Durham County, North Carolina. In fact, The Durham Literacy Center is the only community-based organization focused entirely on adult literacy!

The Global Impact of Illiteracy

In a report from the World Literacy Foundation, it is estimated that 750 million people of the total global population are illiterate. The cost of illiteracy extends beyond these individuals’ personal lives. It’s estimated that the global cost of illiteracy is $1.19 Trillion – a number based on health, crime, welfare, lost business productivity and earnings, and other societal issues.

Literacy is the foundation infographic from Words Alive

Literacy is a necessary skill for anyone to live a thriving, independent life.

A Leader in Literacy

Since its beginning in 1985, the Durham Literacy Center has trained over 2,500 volunteer tutors and assisted more than 16,000 Durham residents. Their tuition-free programs include:

  • Adult Literacy
  • Youth Education Program
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Computer Literacy
  • Life Skills, GED, Job Readiness
  • Threshold Reading & Math
Durham Literacy Center with red sign in front

Like Lulu, The Durham Literacy Center fosters an environment of inclusivity and openness. Their free programs enable Durham residents of any socioeconomic background to empower their lives through literacy.

Get lit with A Better Bean

Larry’s Coffee is a fellow B Corp. They are committed to creating the perfect cup of coffee by supporting small coffee farmers. All of their coffee blends are Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic. Larry’s is a founding member of the Cooperative of Coffees, the only cooperative of independent coffee roasters in the US that purchase coffee directly from Fair Trade cooperatives.

Whether you’re reading your favorite book or writing the next best-seller, grab a bag of the Get Lit blend!

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