Glasstree Academic Publishing, May 2017 Updates


Raleigh, NC – Glasstree Academic Publishing is happy to announce our most recent performance and maintenance release. This update brings with it a few important changes to the Glasstree platform.

In our continuing mission to help academic authors unshackle themselves from restrictive publishing models, we’re bringing improvements to Gold Open Access publishing for ebooks. With Gold Open Access the discoverability and access to your work will increase exponentially, providing students and researchers the opportunity to use your publication in their work. This is the same Gold Open Access we offer through our full-service Open Access package through Glassleaf.

We’re happy to be able to offer this service at a fraction of the cost traditional academic publishers charge, with all of the same benefits.


Open Access provides users with free download access to your ebook. The primary benefit of Open Access is maximum availability, bringing your work the greatest possible research impact. Academics generally measure the impact of a given piece of work on the quantity of citations it accrues. With Open Access, your work can be easily accessed and cited by the widest range of users.

Glasstree Academic Publishing currently supports a number of the most popular Open Access platforms, including:

  • Web of Science
  • Trend MD
  • Yewno
  • OpenAIRE

Along with the improvements to Open Access, we’ll be updating the site to better serve your publishing and bookselling needs. This will include a new bookstore, to better profile all customer content.  We have also updated the publishing platform, based upon the feedback that we have received from our users. This will provide a better user experience, both from the publishing author’s and purchaser’s point of view.

We’re also implementing a long list of bug and quality of life improvements throughout the site, taking care of issues such as correcting link paths, cover thumbnails appearing correctly in the store, and general updates to the shop and cart sections.

To better enable these types of site and system updates, Glasstree is implementing a new platform tool known as Openshift. This will allow us to quickly react to any site issues, push updates to the site in a matter of minutes, and generally be more agile when improving Glasstree for our authors and readers.

Finally, this release will signal the end of Glasstree’s free trial period. After May 4th, minimal publishing fees (starting at $5) will be in place on new titles published for Open Access and the Glasstree Bookstore.

From Daniel Berze, SVP Academic Publishing:

“The Glasstree platform is in a constant state of development. In order to provide additional flexibility in our ability to change in order to accommodate our customers needs, we will be launching improvements on May 4th that will facilitate our ability to introduce changes in a more timely and efficient manner. Along side of these improvement to our operational processes, we will be launching a new and improved bookstore, and have modified elements of the publishing platform based upon feedback received from our customers. Glasstree is and will remain a platform in development, responding to your publishing requirements.”

Glasstree enables academics to make a significant profit from their own work, reversing the traditional academic publishing revenue model, which typically pays authors an average of just 9% royalties, to offer 70% of the profits from sales. Its accelerated speed-to-market allows academics to publish their research in a matter of days or weeks, sharing their insights in record time.

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