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Great Writing Apps For You

You’ve heard plenty of people say, “There’s an app for that,” but which are best for writers? Writing apps are important for more than just writing too. From inspiration to organization, you need a variety of apps to be productive. Whether you need to give your creative side a kick or want to continue revising your work during your morning commute, here are a few apps you may want to check out:

Mac Pages

Pages: For $9.99 this Apple writing app allows you to write and re-write no matter where you and your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch are. Start a new doc or drag Pages ’09, plain text, or Microsoft Word files into the iCloud, and… boom, your creativity can take center stage at the bus stop or while waiting for a movie to begin. Other perks include choosing from 16 templates for reports, flyers, cards, and posters; adding in charts and graphs; or printing wirelessly with AirPrint. And since Pages saves your work as you go, you’ll never have to worry you’ve lost your latest if you press the wrong button or close out of the app.

Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus: 250,000 entries, 1.6 million words, and 134,000 pronunciation guides — all for 99 cents. Need I say more? If you’re in a bind, this is the writing app to turn to. What’s more, you can edit your history, bookmark specific words, and learn not just what the word means and its synonyms but also a whole host of related information including examples/types and parts of the object you’re looking up.

Story Tracker

Story Tracker: At $7.99 this app is a steal for the submitting writer who wants to keep his or her ducks in a row. You can keep track of the publications you’ve submitted your works to (sortable by date), make note of details for each market, including title, genre, editor, or deadline, catalog your submission history with specific sites and markets, and more.

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Evernote: See something you think might make for a nice moment in a future novel? Jot it down with Evernote, a free writing app that helps you “stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity.” Recently optimized for the iPhone 5 so that you can view more notes, this New York Times Top 10 Must-Have app’s perks are many and include: syncing whatever you’ve written down across devices, the ability to record voice and audio notes, great search functionality, and sharing via Twitter and Facebook.

Inspiring Quotes

Inspiring Quotes: Not much to say about this one as it’s pretty obvious what you’re getting here — “wise quotes on success, perseverance, courage, inspiration & hope.” As writers, we could all use a little extra push—and for a limited time, it’s free. Also, worth checking out is our recent blog post with inspiring quotes for authors. Add your own into the comments!

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18 thoughts on “Great Writing Apps For You”

  1. Saw this great list of apps on Facebook. I didn’t even know most of them exist. I need to catch up with what is available for writers. Thanks for this list

  2. I would add Textilus for iPhone/iPad to the list. Cheaper than Pages and adds Dropbox to the features.

  3. I received WriteItNow4 from my fiance as a gift, fantastic program for sorting chapters, scenes, characters, character traits, and so forth… When you finish your story you can export it as a manuscripts to send in to a publisher, eReader format, and such… I love this program, as a beginning author I was able to turn my 479 page mess of a story into a well organized manuscript. The program also offers a thesaurus, word count, readability, and many more useful tools. There is a Demo version to try out before you buy. Retail cost of this product is $60 which can be placed on multiple computers with the same user account/key.

  4. My personal favourite is Jutoh from Anthemion, for Windows and Linux. For those wanting more organising power, Anthemion also produce The Writer’s Café.

  5. Technically, it’s not an app, but I recently discovered which has been really awesome to help connect authors and their readers. Fans can request “authorgraphs” for books they like and the author can respond with a personalized message like they signed the book for them. It’s a great way to connect with readers without having to sign their book in person.

  6. Write or Die keeps me on task when working on first drafts, whereas before I’d get distracted looking up a research point or just popping over to my email “for a minute.” It has seriously changed my whole process for the better.

  7. Phenomenal guys, I’m gathering information about applications and so on and this article helped me a lot so thanks and greetings! 😉

  8. Olayiwola Ibrahim

    These apps would definitely improve writing. Every writer would need them for more efficient delivery of stories.

  9. Storyist for iPad. I love Scrivener on the Mac and–until the Scrivener people release their promised iPad port–Storyist is the closest iPad equivalent. Not only does it let you outline and jot down notes on rearrangeable index cards, you can choose to view them as a scrollable sidebar while you’re in your main writing window. Runner-up is Index Card for iPad, which can import from and export to Scrivener.

    1. @Chris – Great replies and feedback. What you shared here is so valuable and helpful for the entire community of authors. Thanks!

  10. I personally love my writing apps and have quite a few in my collection. All of these are free for apple.
    1. A Novel Idea, good for planning out setting plot and character outlines.
    2. Total Recall I use to plan out my plot lines visually.
    3. Write Chain works great for motivation in keeping on track with your writing.
    4.Wordsmith is my new favorite lets you pop in ideas when you get them and when the urge takes you you can make it a project and write to your hearts content.

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