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Since joining the Lulu team, I have attended publishing trade shows around the country in an effort to keep up with industry trends. After a few years, I noticed a distinct pattern. Each year it seemed the industry latched onto a particular theme or buzzword around which all shows were organized. One of the first of these themes focused on the need for creating an author platform and the value of guest blogging.

Once I learned what an author platform was, it seemed like a rather simple and logical approach to publicizing your work.

What is an Author Platform?

All you need to do is set up a website, start a blog and interact with your fans on social media. Easy right? According to the experts, an author platform makes current fans feel connected to the author while at the same time attracting new readers thereby ensuring a steady flow of money into an authors’ bank account.

The thinking here is solid.  If we conduct a quick online study we will find most successful, independently published authors already have an author platform in place – likely built by a member of their publishing team (another year’s theme). If you conduct a search for these authors on the internet, not only would their books be returned in the search results, but also links to their social media pages, discussion boards, blog posts, and articles – all of which contribute to their online reputation.

Guest Blogging

For new authors the question then becomes, “How can I get some of this search engine goodness for myself?” If you don’t have access to a social media team or a neighborhood kid to build your website, the easiest option is join a few discussion groups or to make use of another person’s platform by guest blogging. Both of which give you an opportunity to reach new audiences.

You may respond “I don’t write for free.” Well, yes you do. You write for free until someone buys your book. Once enough people have bought your book you can set your own price for articles. Until then, your best bet is to find a site that appeals to your target audience and pitch them an article. Most bloggers are constantly on the lookout for new material. So much so they will even let you plug your book in return for free, compelling content.

This strategy is a win/win for everyone. The site owner gets content to fill their pages.  You get more search hits, a new audience for your work, free advertising, and a bump in your online reputation score.

Got an amazing content idea about writing, publishing, print-on-demand, or book marketing? Then start your guest blogging adventures right here and let Lulu help promote you! Learn more about how your blog can be featured on Lulu:

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2 thoughts on “Building Your Online Reputation by Guest Blogging”

  1. Sandra L. Miller

    I just had my book published and had a webpage developed through Lulu. I am very pleased with both. I would like to know since I have a webpage is it necessary to have a blog? Also, since nothing is happening yet through my webpage should the blog be included there or separate. I’m in the early stages with marketing and I’m always learning something new. I want to make the right choses for targeting before I work hard making a blog. I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I wouldn’t say a blog is necessary, but for many authors it is a good way to promote your content and help build your brand. There’s no easy answer since what works is going to be very specific to your writing and your audience.
      Start with your goals. Do you want your website to sell books or create a community around your work? And think about the audience you already have. If you’ve got a big mailing list, you might focus more on email and skip on blogging. Or you might put your energy into social media if that’s where your readers are.
      A blog is a lot of work. And you’ll be doing a lot of that work before you have many readers. So you have to want to write a lot and often to make your blog effective. And you need to have readers who are interested in reading long-form content.

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