Guidelines for Guest Posting

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for publication in the blog. We are thrilled to share your views and expertise on self-publishing, print-on-demand, and book marketing.

The Pitch

Rather than asking you to submit a fully composed article, we ask that you first pitch your idea for an article. Currently we are accepting guest posts on these Topics:

  • Writing & Editing – tell us about your writing process, offer editing best practices, or share your experience moving through the editing process.
  • Publishing – share stories and insights from the publishing world, with an emphasis on self-publishing and print-on-demand.
  • Book Marketing – tips and advice for self-published authors looking to get started or improve their marketing, including platform and content specific posts.
  • Author Story – share with us your journey to self-publishing.
  • Book Design – software and best practice for interior and cover design focusing on low-cost or free DIY options for self-published authors.
  • Ecommerce – tell us about how you sell your books online, how you make a living as an author, or what tools you see that authors could use.

Your pitch should not be a bullet list, nor should it be an epic love poem composed in iambic pentameter. This is the one piece of your writing we are guaranteed to read, so keep it brief, to the point, and grammatically correct. 

Please Note: Lulu does not accept sponsored or paid posts.

Guest Post Submission Form