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Happy and Healthy (Featured Authors)

Welcome to February’s featured authors! We’ve got two authors this month with practical guides to living better, being happier, and not denying yourself the little joys in life. These are the kinds of self-help guides you can actually read and feel immediately capable of acting on.

So, let’s dig into these Featured Authors for February:

Brian White

First up we have Brian White. His book, ‘Becoming a Workday Warrior’ isn’t a guide to doing weekday kung fu or brandishing a broadsword. Brian is a personal trainer and his guide is written to help anyone who sits at a desk all day be healthier. And for all of us who do sit hunched over a keyboard all day, we know that a little more physical activity would be a great thing.

The Workday Warrior offers simple, easy to do tips for getting building muscle and correcting posture without breaking a sweat, increasing focus, and relieving tension.

Check out our Facebook Live from earlier in the month featuring Brian’s Workday Warrior guide:

Becoming A Workday Warrior

A huge chunk of your life is going to be spent sitting at a desk, you can control how that affects your health. If you are someone who wants to live a long, healthy and vibrant life and works long hours at a desk, this book is for you.

Becoming A Workday Warrior

Keep Up With Brian Around The Web:

Wendy Narby

For our next featured author, we have Wendy Narby and her guide, ‘The Drinking Woman’s Diet.’

Residing in France, Wendy wrote this book after giving tips on a wine tour. As a guide to great French wine, the book focuses on health and wellness while enjoying wine. Specifically focused at women’s dietary well-being, Wendy assures us that the eating and exercise tips apply to men as well!

So if you enjoy great wine, The Drinking Woman’s Diet is a great way to balance great taste and health.

Here’s our resident social media expert featuring The Drinking Woman’s Diet on Facebook Live:

The Drinking Woman’s Diet

Do you love your wine but worry about your health and weight? This book is crammed full of ideas, advice from specialists, and tried and tested recommendations to help maintain your health without giving up your love of wine and fine food. The book addresses these serious issues in a light-hearted way, through a lens of living in France and with a nod to how ‘French Women do it’.

The Drinking Woman’s Diet: A Liver-Friendly Lifestyle Guide

Keep Up With Wendy Around The Web:

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