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How to Make a Professional Portfolio on Lulu

Whether you’re a writer, a designer, an artist, or any other professional, a knock-out portfolio using Lulu’s publishing platform can help you stand out from the crowd and land your dream job. Even if you’re a working artist or designer, a stunning portfolio is a must have to help land new clients.

To create a portfolio, first gather all your most remarkable work.  Then, compile it into one PDF and publish it.  That’s it!

Online Portfolio Sample

What happens if you have something worth adding to after you publish? Add your new work to the original file and revise your project!

Things to remember:

  • Include your resume in the front of your portfolio. This way, you don’t risk having two separate pieces accidentally get separated. Future employers can quickly refer to the first page to get your employment history and contact information.
  • Personal branding is important! Creating a portfolio with a cohesive design that represents you will make you more memorable.
  • If you don’t want to sell your portfolio, set it on private access in your project page.
  • Keep a copy with you and extra copies on hand. You never know when you’ll meet someone who’ll want to see your work.
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