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1/3/2019 Update: Originally Published In 2011 And Featured Instruction To Create An EPUB Ebook Using A Text Editor And Zip Files.

We recommend using our converter to make an EPUB from your DOCX file or using Calibre to create an EPUB.

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Many new authors might make the mistake of thinking if they have a portable document format (PDF) of their book it means that we can read it on an ereader or other mobile device.  While most times we can open the PDF, the text is far too small because it is a static or unchangeable image.  EPUB ebooks can dynamically resize to fit the screen of any device.  Since the text in EPUB format can change in terms of size, font and color, reading an EPUB book becomes a much more personal experience for the reader.  Sounds great right?  But how do you make an EPUB book?

What You’ll Need to make an EPUB Ebook

  • A text editor (like Text Edit or Notepad) that can edit text files, HTML, and XML.
  • A program that can create .zip files (which should be built into OS X or Windows).

Alright, first you’ll need to get all of the files together that you will later put into your master .zip file (called a container).

A Closer look at ePub files (*Be aware that file names are case sensitive*):

An .epub file has at least the following files/folders in it to function:

  • mimetype – Typically a plain ASCII text file that has the line “application/epub+zip” in it.  This file tells a reader/operating system what’s in the .ePub file. This file must be the first line in the zip file, and cannot be compressed.
  • META-INF folder – Contains at least the container.xml file, which tells the reader software where to find the book in the container (typically in the content.opf file detailed below).
  • OEBPS folder – Recommended location for the book’s actual content

1. Images folder – Contains any pictures used in your eBook.

2. content.opf file – An XML file that lists what’s in the container in the order they will appear, the manifest, spine section (which lists the reading order of the contents), and any metadata like author name, genre, and publisher.  Any additional metadata will need tags similar to these required ones:

  • dc:title – The book’s title
  • dc:language – The language the book is in (here is a list of language codes).
  • dc:udebtufuer- Every eBook has a unique ID code (UID). If you’re unsure what to use, try using your ISBN.
  • toc.ncx file – Table of contents arranged with navpoint tags. Make sure the UID matches whatever is in your content.opf file because some readers won’t display your book properly if it doesn’t. The play order values found in this file must also be in order and will return an error if the order skips over a number.
  • XHTML files – The book’s literal contents are listed in these files which are like HTML files with closing tags associated with each element. It is up to you how you arrange your content but having a separate .xhtml file for each chapter tends to look better on e-readers.

Now that you have all your files in order, you can make the .epub container that houses all of them.

How to Make the Container File for your EPUB Ebook

  • First create a new .zip file
  • Copy the uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file
  • Copy all of your other files (which should all be located in an OEBPS file) into the .zip file

1. The .zip file structure should look similar to this:

  • mimetype
  • container.xml
  • images
  • content.opf
  • toc.ncx
  • stylesheet.css
  • content.xhtml

Change the .zip file extension to .epub.

Once you are done with these steps, you should have a readable eBook in a format that works on most readers. Now, all you should have to do is upload your work to Lulu!

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  2. Robert Yannetta

    Is the prices Lulu is asking for for conversion only or for conversion plus making it available for purchase through the app store?
    If you make it available through the app store, I’ll happily pay it, but if it’s for ‘file conversion’ only, that seems rather steep. There’s freeware applications out there that you can drag and drop your document into that will convert it into an ePub in seconds.

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  4. Which ebook readers out there can already read our ebook versions offered on For example iPod, Sony, Kindle?

  5. How is this ePub differant than downloads? Right now clients can download my novels for $6.25. Why should I pay to have it converted to ePub.

    1. Eric Knisley,
      Converting a graphic novel to ePub is more or less the same process. I have done a little research and have found that some people have had issues with the images bleeding over or being cut off. Comics, manga, and graphic novels are all best as jpegs housed in the OEBPS folder. It helps if each page or image is treated as its own chapter linked to the spine section (which lists the reading order) because some eReaders will try to load all of the images at once if they aren’t separated. Many of the newer eReaders out there have built-in picture browsers however that make reading graphic novels much easier. In regards to the UID, you can make that pretty much anything as you create your ePub – the UID in the toc.ncx file and the content.opf file just have to match each other for the ePub to function.
      Robert Yannetta and Kelly Bruning,
      I’ll get back to you about that.
      Gregory Ghica,
      Robert is referring to the application store available on iphones and the ipad. The app store is where users are able to buy and download new programs for their mobile devices.
      I am not sure what you mean by “adding in with your current book.” Once you have everything together, you have to house it into a .zip file, then convert that to an .ePub file. Once you have that .epub file, you more or less just upload it to Lulu and you’re done! 🙂
      Claude B,
      Like my article states, most readers can read a PDF or standard download already, but will appear too small. If you follow the hyperlink I provided in the first paragraph that says “commonly used ones” it will take you to a page with a table of popular eReaders and the formats they can read. Another useful table is located here:
      Sue Raymond,
      I mention in my article that there are many different types of file formats. Just like you can have different kinds of text documents (.doc, .docx, .txt, .pages, etc.), you can have different eBook formats. Just like a .pages text file won’t open in Microsoft word, some eBook formats won’t open in some ereaders. ePub happens to be the most universally accepted format and any author should consider it because it means their work will be able to reach that many more people. “Downloads” is a blanket term that could mean anything you could download from a PDF to a music mP3. Check out my comment to Claude B for links to tables that better illustrate popular eReaders and their compatible formats.
      Nick Baer,
      Yes you can! Just upload you ePub and you’re pretty much done. You can choose whether or not you want to offer it in print or download only. Check out this link though for a table of popular eReaders and their compatible formats. Note that the Kindle only accepts Amazon’s proprietary .azw files, PDFs, and plain text files.

  6. I’m wondering the same. Does Lulu also distribute the book? Or just the file conversion to their own Web site. Let us know!

  7. On Amazon Kindle, when we create a new title, we upload our PDF and they do the conversion process to their file format.
    I think LuLu should too, rather than have us try to follow the workflow steps in your article.
    I added 189 photos books on Kindle, one at a time, by uploading my 50-page, 9MB PDF files.

  8. Are you saying there is a direct sales channel relationship between LuLu and iPad (and the other ePub readers on the market).

  9. I just tried to make an eBook. My file is PDF, 44 pages, self-cover (includes front and back cover).
    When I click on make Download Ready, it gets stuck on a page where LuLu wants to make a cover for it. No button to “skip”.

    1. Nick Baer,
      Thanks for all the feedback.
      Firstly, I agree that the workflow in this article can be very tedious and difficult, especially for anyone who has never had to build a file hierarchy from scratch before. That is why Lulu offers our conversion services (linked in the 3rd paragraph) for those that need help or simply don’t have to the time to build an ePub from the ground up. I’ll get back to you about your sales channel question, but the main thing you should take away is that ePub is the most universally compatible eBook format. Any author should highly consider it because it means their work is able to be read by that many more people. If I were publishing an eBook, I would format it for the iPad, Sony eReader, Kindle, anything just to make my work accessible to any potential reader. In regards to your cover situation, do you mean that the site takes you to the create a cover page, or that it will not load beyond that point (freezes, etc.)? The site is designed to take you to the create a cover page and will not let you proceed without one. You can upload your own cover by clicking the “background and pictures” tab, then “edit picture,” a little pop-up box will appear and you will see a button that says “upload a different file.” You can then upload you own cover and proceed. eCub is just one free option for authors that want to convert their files but may not be the best option for all – Lulu doesn’t directly endorse any 3rd party program, but the options are out there. Hope this helps! Thanks again.

  10. My eBook already has a cover – front cover and back cover.
    Why is LuLu forcing me to add yet another cover???

    1. Nick Baer,
      This process is to create a thumbnail image of your eBook that will appear in the Lulu marketplace. You’re not replacing the cover, just adding something for your customers to see beside the title of your book.

  11. Is there any sample files in creation of ePub folder that I can view and learn from???
    Thank you!

    1. El March,
      If you follow the link to JediSaber in the 3rd paragraph, he has an example file up that you can experiment with. Happy writing!

  12. Thanks for the clearly written HOWTO on making an ePUB document. Do you have any recommendations for making ePUB booklets that have a relatively high degree of technical content like mathematical formulas, technical diagrams, and such. In the PDF world, such documents can be easily created with LaTeX. What are some ways a person could create ePUB technical booklets?
    Thanks in advance for whatever thoughts you have on this.

    1. Jason,
      That is a great question. For a technical manual, you should treat it similarly to a graphic novel like Eric asked about. Converting your tech manual to ePub is more or less the same process. Any diagrams are going to come out best in jpegs format, housed in the OEBPS folder. It helps if each image is treated as its own chapter linked to the spine section (which lists the reading order). This will cause the diagrams to appear on their own separate page, but some eReaders will try to load all of the images at once if they aren’t separated like that. Many of the newer eReaders out there have built-in picture browsers however that make reading eBooks with high image content much easier. In regards to your formulas, these should work just like any normal text would, just make sure you properly embed your fonts for any uncommon symbols that you might use. Directions on how to embed fonts are here: Thanks!

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  15. I have created an epub file on Lulu and it is listed as a project without ISBN though it does have one. There just wasn’t any place to add it in the process. This book is just text, do I have to go through some other process or conversion to make it available for I-Pad?

  16. I understand everything here except how to copy a file into a zip file. Can you explain this step? I’m on Mac.

    1. Bill Abbott,
      You’ve made your ePub which is the first step for getting you book on the iPad. In order to get your eBook to the standard Apple needs to maximize user experience, you’ll have to follow the instructions here:
      Todd Karr,
      I have a Mac too, and making a .zip file is surprisingly easy. Check out this link for instructions and a screen shot – good luck!

  17. In regards to ” First create a new .zip file
    * Copy the uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file….”
    I’m a little lost here. How can you “create” a zip file with nothing in it, and then place some uncompressed content into it, along with some compressed stuff? My only experience with zip files it to select a foleder I want to zip and zip it. I have no idea of how to: 1. Create a blank zip file. 2. Put anything, compressed or uncompressed, in it.
    I’m on a Mac. Is there some kind of special zip software that will allow you to do this?
    Thanks for your column, Very helpful.

  18. @AJ: I know how to create a zip file. I create them all the time, no problem. My question is how do you “Copy the uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file”? What am I missing here (other than a brain, maybe)? Thanks for your help.

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    1. Greg,
      Opps, I posted my answer to your question on the wrong blog. Sorry about that! In regards to your mixed file types question. I honestly had to double check this one myself. Any .zip file is able to store multiple files and compression is optional in a zip archive. If compression is used, it is applied on a per-file basis. So you can literally drag and drop your uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file you create and it will stay that way. Then compress the rest of your files (right click on the file you want to compress and select “compress” from the menu that appears) and drag those into your .zip file. Hope this helps!

  20. @AJ McDonald
    And you’re saying you can “drag and drop your uncompressed mimetype file into the .zip file you create” with the Mac “make archive” built in zip app? I think you are wrong on that. Is there some other Mac zip application that will allow this? I’ve done some searching and no luck yet. Since you have done it on a mac, could you post info on what program you used to do it? What the heck am I missing here?

    1. Greg,
      Making an ePub completely from scratch is no easy feat and I found these great instructions over at, but they are aimed at PC users. All the research I’ve done says that .zip files can house compressed files on a per-file basis, but like you, once I create my empty zip file, I can’t drag anything into it. I know they make programs that let you view the internal file hierarchy of a zip file and move files in and out of them, but again they all seem to be for PCs. I’ll keep looking around for a program that lets you do this on mac, and let you know if I find anything. It might be worth trying to get in touch with our friend at jedisaber to see what he thinks. Thanks.

  21. @AJ McDonald
    Then can you point me to a Windows program that will allow this mixed compressed and uncompressed content in one file?

  22. AJ, So my question is (mac user) after you finally format your ebook and you want to make your own website to promote it, how or what is the best way to protect it?? Or is it best to use someone else’s (let’s just say) book store pay the percentage and they provide the security? This is my first stab at this and book stuff and it has blood sweat & tears in it so don’t want to see my efforts kabashed. FYI it is a referance book so I feel it would be more targeted to Piracy.
    Thanks Lisa

  23. AJ, my eBook has (in addition to 15,000 words and 200 images) 9 short videos and what I call a living cover, ie a looping video with sound that plays while on page. I don’t see anything about putting video into an ePub, although I have read in many places that it can be done.
    Thanks for your help.

  24. Lisa,
    That is a fantastic question. As the publishing industry continues to change, keeping the copyright on your content and maintaing its security can prove to be more and more of a challenge. Like music mp3s before ePubs, once you put your material out on the web, it can sort of take a life of its own. I believe that a person that is super dedicated to tracking their content could monitor where and whom it goes to, to some extent, but that would be a full time job in itself, and there would still be no guarantee that you’d catch all of your content’s distribution, unless you went with a proven, trackable method (like a tracking software). Many of these trackable programs can be pricey however, so I would highly encourage you, and anyone to sell through Lulu because it is absolutely free to publish, post, and sell your content electronically. Lulu gives you your own storefront to direct people to, but if you still want even more customization, Lulu offers its API to anyone that wants to use our backend tools to suit their needs. The other bonus with posting to Lulu, is that you content is dated and is copyrighted as soon as you publish it through our site, so if anyone did try to sell your content under their own name somewhere else, you could simply refer to your publication date on Lulu to refute them. Lulu is non-exclusive too, so just because you publish and sell through our marketplace, doesn’t mean you can’t turn right around and sell else where too. Lulu is a way to get your content, safely in front of that many more millions of registered readers. Good luck and happy publishing Lisa!
    Frank Vitale,
    Its funny you ask this, because while Lulu was at BEA we got the same question about 30 times a day. While we don’t offer any embedded video services for ePub at this time, Lulu is a technology company at heart, so we want to provide all of the tools to let authors publish in any way they want to best suit their needs. There is certainly enough demand for it, so stay tuned. I did see several people at BEA that had developed apps for the iPad that would do exactly what you are talking about. One person came over with one that was a photo book he had done, and you could click the pictures and it would play a movie, or activate a slide show, etc. It was very very cool and introduces a whole new realm of interactivity and possibilities for publishing. I would still encourage you to publish and submit a standard ePub to Lulu though because it is free to publish and sell through Lulu. And we are one of the only 7 aggregators that is allowed to submit ePubs to the iBookstore. So you could offer your eBook as an ePub on the iPad while developing your interactive content. Either way you end up with more content options for your readers, and everyone loves variety.
    I am a jazz drummer myself, and it’s always nice to meet a fellow musician. I think it is always a great idea to offer your content in as many formats as possible these days, because it makes your work that much more accessible to that many more people, and everyone likes variety. A great example is Lulu author and drummer Mike Johnston I stumbled upon his downloadable book of drum charts a few months back and love that I don’t have to carry anything other than my phone with me when I practice. I already have to lug my drums back and forth, I don’t really want to deal with loose pieces of paper I’ll loose, or a printed book that I know I am going to mess up in the hectic chunk of time before and after a gig. I just plop down, sit my phone on my music stand and start playin’ away. If you’re concerned about turning pages while you’re playing, you could also save each sheet as a PDF image and set up a slide show that people could use on their phones and iPads that would automatically turn the pages for them depending on the tempo of the piece. Technology moves fast these days, and amount of ways you can offer your content is almost staggering, but I believe it is all a good good thing. Bands form all the time where the musicians never even meet, but compose cross-country. Musicians are able to publish and sell their compositions instantaneously through sites like Lulu. There are even programs that notate a piece in real-time as you’re playing it. It’s a fun time to be an artist!

  25. re the compression, uncompressed mimetype:
    The word compressed is a mistake here, the requirement is “unencrypted.” The files that comprise the Book itself “may” be encrypted (and, if they are, must be declared so elsewhere); most of the other files in the folder are required to be “unencrypted.”

  26. I have 5 civil war ebooks done in ebook edit pro using a number of html files as book sections written by various people. Is there a converter to handle something like this of do I go back to ground zero and start over?

    1. Edward,
      That is a fantastic question – way to keep up on your tech. We’ve tested Apple’s iWork ePub conversion tool and found that it works great. However, we still cannot guarantee that an ePub made by any other means than our ePub conversion service will make it past Apple’s regulation guidelines. For more info see this post:

  27. Another question! Will intra links work in ePub? i want to link my table of contents to the proper sections rather than using page numbers….

  28. I have two books one hard bound children’s book and another paper back that I would like to turn into ebooks. i no longer have the original text and art work it would hve to be scanned in. How should I approach this?

    1. Elizabeth,
      While your situation is not ideal. You could scan your book and save your files as a PDF. From there you can upload your PDF to Lulu and then convert that to an ePub file. Lulu cannot guarantee that an ePub will pass Apple’s strict file validation process unless you use Lulu’s conversion service however. You can also use Lulu’s new eBook wizard located here:
      And as always, if you need help, feel free to email or Live Chat with support here:

  29. i’m a newbie and not very computer/technology foward.i have just drafted my book on microsoft word.that’s as far as i can understand.i need help.details.epub?ibookstore?can someone please give me a step by step on how to get my book published as paperback and ebook cos this site just confuses me

  30. i’m a newbie and frankly this talk of epub,zip, confuses me.can someone please give me a step by step on how to publish my ebook.i have it in pdf form but when i try to upload it gets

    1. Ian,
      The directions for making your own ePub are really only for those super tech savvy individuals that are up for a challenge. It certainly is not the easiest method for going about creating an ePub. I would recommend any of the free conversion tools I link to in this article, or Lulu’s own ePub conversion service. Lulu cannot guarantee that a book will pass Apple’s strict file verification requirements unless you use our conversion service. Lulu has also just released the easy to use eBook wizard that takes a lot of the hassle out of the conversion process. It can be found here:
      As always, if you need help, you can also contact support via email or Livechat here:

  31. AJ,i get up to that page that says upload file.i upload my file and add it to my project.i am directed to click on a “make download-ready file” button to convert my file to an ebook which for the love of me i cant this an error on my end or misinformation??

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  33. Laura Anne Heller

    I skimmed the article and will return to read more thoroughly, but I did a “find on this page” search for the word “poetry” or “poem” to see if there’s specific formatting or issues concerning poetry books in ePub. I’d like to publish a poetry book, with accompanying illustrative photographs, but I would not want to the services that make it available in all readers to force line breaks where I do not originally place them.
    I’m curious how ePub manages poetry.
    Thank you in advance for your timely response.

    1. Laura,
      As long as you properly embed your fonts and images, your ePub should look just like you intent it to. I would strongly suggest using Lulu’s new ePub wizard, that takes all the guess work out of it ( and it is free. We actually have a few people in the office that have used it to sell their poems in the iBookstore. If you need help, the best way to reach someone is through this page:

  34. Mark Eidemiller

    I’m getting ready to put my first novel on Lulu, but I need to know if there are any particular guidelines as to how text is to be formatted (i.e., cover page vertically centered, font, placement on page, headers/footers, page numbers, etc.). Thanks.

  35. The formatting templates are nice, but I plan on publishing my story as an ebook. Is there a particular guideline for that?

  36. I have the novel written, but I want to be able to sell it in both PDF and ePUB formats. Do I need to set these up as separate books, or can it be as one book available in two formats?

  37. So can we just write the book online in Lulu somewhere so that it is ready to publish and not have to go through this process of conversion?

  38. Also, can you make our eBooks non-copy/paste-able? For example our photography website where we load our photos for clients to buy, have a thing where clients cannot right-click and copy to save on their hard drive. Does Lulu have this same feature?

    1. Amy,
      All Lulu authors have the ability to set DRM on their works, which restricts people from copy and pasting your work.

  39. Suzette Hodnett

    I just got picked up by a publisher and they are saying that in addition to the print book, they will be publishing an ebook as well. Does the technology exist out there for an ebook that is heavily photograph driven (photographs and text on every page) to be read on the various readers? Someone told me that the readers can’t pick up pictures or format them so everything is messed up? Any feedback for me?

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  41. Hello! I am making a children’s book that is all images and I want it to be an ibook.
    What would be the best type of file, format and resolution. Please Help me :(.. thanks!

  42. Apple has provided an EXPORT to ePUB format in its PAGES application.
    Doing so on my local Mac allows me to fine edit the contents until I am happy with the ePUB file.
    Can I then upload this ePUB to lulu for distribution to iBookstore?

  43. Friend and Friend

    Dear LULU,
    We are so elated to find you!
    Excitement overwhelms us, and we are so very THANKFUL/and APPRECIATIVE to you for rendering services of this sort.
    Although it is going to take a while before we can finalize matters necessary to publish, HAVING DISCOVERED YOU, we find waiting very difficult…
    HOWEVER, we want you to know that based on what we have discovered about you so far, we can truly say, LULU, YOU ARE HEAVEN SENT.

  44. Friend and Friends

    Dear LULU,
    We are so elated to find you!
    Excitement overwhelms us, and we are so very THANKFUL/and APPRECIATIVE to you for rendering services of this sort.
    RESPONSE TO SYSTEM: Yes, this is the same comment. We resubmitted/and are resubmitting it due to NAME/and EMAIL were not entere on the first submission. THANK YOU

  45. I have a published book but want to make it an ebook. and put it on my new soon -to -be website which is also getting worked on at this time.
    I want to edit some stuff out of the book before it becomes an ebook…what are the steps I need to take. I am SLOW at this so teach me as clearly as possible PLEASE!
    Is it a scanning situation? or retyping situation I am looking at? this seems overwhelming to me!! thanks in advance

  46. Justin Kimberlin

    Can you have a book available for download in both pdf and epub versions (and let the downloader choose)? Also are there any plans to allow Mobipocket format so that people with Kindle, PDAs and other Mobi-based ereaders can read them?

  47. I am interested your publishing company. I am already a published author but i am looking to branch out. I am interested only in e book. Price and details.
    Thank you and i look forward to hearing from you.
    Karin Hunt

  48. I am happy to get some knowledge of ePub from your post. You show us a closer perspective of it. I will share your post with my friends.
    And I have got an tool named ePub Creator, it said that it’s a professional eBook maker including eBook editor function to make ePub books from many different documents.
    Is it a tool I can use to make an eBook that everyone can read? I am not a programming savvy guy, I just need something like this. Several clicks can complete the task/

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  50. I will be using InDesign CS5.5 to convert my InDesign to PDF books to the ePub standard. Using the new Articles panel and anchored objects, there is a tremendous amount of support in this new version of InDesign for the ePub format. Does have any advise for those of us using CS5.5? Has anyone at done any work with InDesign CS5.5 and ePub?

  51. Hi,
    I just tried to click on the jedisaber links only to find that the domain registration expired two days ago. Oh no! I’d like to read the posts – perhaps you could renew the domain, or post the information elsewhere?

    1. Mel,
      That’s kind of the point. Making an ePub from scratch should only be reserved for the most tech-savvy of authors. Otherwise, I recommend using one of the free programs I linked to above. Also be on the look out for our upcoming ePub Guidebook. Happy publishing!

  52. Gerald M Button

    Help! I’m a retired English teacher who is–
    unfortunately– rather computer numb when it
    comes to creating a e-book on your wonderful
    system. Can you walk me through the process?
    (I have a rough-draft hard copy of my book
    ready to go, but I need someone to help this
    old guy fulfill his dream. Any chance?

  53. I already have a Paperback book on Lulu waiting for my final aproval, with its unique ISBN. I need to know that. If I wanted to make an EBook would I need another (2nd) ISBN number for the EBook, which is different to the ISBN number on my Paperback, or is one ISBN number sufficient for the two publications?

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  55. I just couldnt leave your website just before saying that I really enjoyed the
    quality information you offer you to your visitors… Can be back often to
    check up on new stuff you post!

  56. I have Self Published books for Leisure and Recreation Activities and am interested to hnow how they could be made into e books.
    Regards Pamela Bell

  57. I Have a question, and I can’t find where to ask it. I hope this is OK.
    I’ve been asked if I can make my book(s) available on Kindle – I don’t know if lulu’s epub books work on Kindle. If not, can I put my book on the Kindle store even though there’s a print (and maybe later an epub) version on Lulu? Is that OK With Lulu?

    1. George,
      At Lulu, you’re in complete control over your works and we’re non-exclusive. It is a great idea for any aspiring author to offer their content on as many devices and platforms as possible because you never know how your next big fan will discover your work!

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