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Holiday Marketing for Authors

November and December are the most lucrative months of the year for retailers because people are in a crunch to find and buy the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the season and kickstart your holiday marketing plan.

Publicize your ultimate holiday gift list

At this time of the year, people looking for the perfect gift often need help in the form of suggestions and ideas. Holiday marketing strategies often center on a gift guide.

Offer your suggestions on your blog, on a contact’s blog, or perhaps even for a local magazine or newspaper. Whatever you suggest should be in line with what your book is about. For example, if you’ve written a cookbook, then come up with a list of the best bakeware—and no matter where you publish your gift tips, make sure you provide a bio with a link to your book.

Make a donation

Giving during the holiday season means more than handing out shiny new presents to friends and family, it means giving back to your community. Pick a charitable organization that inspires you and offer to partner with them. Offer signed copies of your book as perks for donors who contribute at a certain level (perhaps the charity will even name that level after you or your book!) You can also vow to donate a percentage of your profits to a charity that you support. This is a great way to boost holiday spirit and to get a charity to help promote your book to their audience. You can also donate books to families, libraries and schools are in need. There are countless ways to give back. Which will you choose?

Drop the ebook price

Between the iPad, the Kindle, the Kobo Reader, and the Nexus 7; devices are as popular as ever. So entice potential customers by dropping the price of your book for a limited time. Your revenue may drop a little, but holiday marketing is about gaining attention and growing your brand too.

A discount now may bring in multiple recommendations from a reader who wouldn’t otherwise pick up your book. So make that book easy to buy (with print and ebook versions) and affordable enough that readers won’t be able to resist.

Give away copies to friends, family, and social media followers/fans

Perhaps the most obvious tip but not to be overlooked since the best way for people to learn about your book is to hear about it from others. So order extra copies and stuff them in stockings or offer signed giveaways to fans on Facebook or followers on Twitter.

Strategize for the new year

There are another 365 days coming up… soon. This means you have holidays to capitalize on, anniversaries to plan, promotions to fund, and even new books to promote. Spend the last few weeks of this year thinking about how you want to handle the next 52 weeks and come up with a marketing and social media plan that will get you to your new year’s goals.

Tell us, what are you doing to prepare for the holiday season? Are you buffing up your marketing efforts?

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