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Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is this weekend!

Don’t fret if you’ve let it slip your mind. We won’t tell your mom. And with our great last minute, homemade gift ideas, you can surprise her with a unique gift you can put together with haste.

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So the first idea is…drum roll…you guessed it! A Book!

Now, you should absolutely make your mom a book. Fill it with childhood photos and memories, little things that will remind her why she’s important. This is an absolute must. But if you’re reading this, it’s too late to make that book for a mother’s day gift. The upside is, if you get started now, you’ve got plenty of time to have it ready for next year.

At the moment, what you can do is make your mom a hand-held book from a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper. It’s incredibly easy, quick, and creative.

There are a few different ways you can make a One Sheet Book:

8 Page Folded Sheet Book

folded 8 Page book

4 Page Folded Sheet Book

4 page folded book design

My personal favorite is the eight-page design (first in the above list). It requires the minimum cutting and makes a simple, well-sized book for writing or drawing in.

Here’s a more detailed set of instructions with additional images – One Sheet Book

Grab your pens, colored pencils, and artistic talents to add some heartfelt mother’s day content!

Another simple idea for a heartfelt and creative gift is folded flowers. Less expensive than a dozen roses, and they won’t wilt over time!

Origami iris and stem design

You’ll need some colored paper for these. Here’s a link to my favorite folded flower design – an Iris with a stem. The instructions even have tips for using full sheet paper and design for the stem. Make a few of these and you’ve got a beautiful boutique for your mom!

Ebooks for mother’s day

If you’re not into crafts so much, or could always consider buying your mom an ebook! Lulu offers a wide variety of ebooks on our site. Does your mom like to cook? Check out our nearly 2000 ebook titles under cookbooks! How about crafts your mom might like to make herself? Lulu has over 1000 ebooks on crochet and more than 500 ebooks on knitting.  Ebooks are the perfect last-minute gifts since you can buy the book (usually at a lower price than a print book too) and send the file over to your mom’s tablet, ereader, or handheld device with ease.

Whatever you do, don’t let Mother’s Day slip by without thanking your mom!

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