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Leaders in Literacy

Located in Durham, North Carolina, not far from Lulu’s offices, the Durham Literacy Center thrives. The organization is the only community-based group entirely focused on adult literacy. The DLC empowers adults with the skills they need to succeed. They truly are leaders in literacy for our community.

Annually, the Durham community hosts a breakfast to recognize the contributions of the Literacy Center. Community leaders, tutors, students, and other supporters of the Literacy Center gather together to share a meal and our appreciation of the Literacy Center. As a sponsor for the Center, Lulu was happy to be able to attend the 2017 Durham Literacy Center’s Leaders in Literacy Breakfast.

Team Lulu at the breakfast to honor leaders in literacy

The Durham Literacy Center provides tuition-free programs to residents of Durham, North Carolina. They offer a wide range of programs including:

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages 
  • Adult Literacy
  • Youth Education Program
  • Computer Literacy
  • GED &  Life Skills/Job-Readiness Program
  • Career Pathways Workshops

Lulu’s relationship with the Literacy Center goes beyond simple sponsorship. Both organizations get out of bed each day with the mission to enrich our communities and provide the necessary tools to share those stories–all for free!

Thank you to the literacy center

As a thank you for all the work the Literacy Center does, we created custom notebooks to handout at the event. Writers and learns can always use blank notebooks, and a custom cover not only spreads the word about the Literacy Center but reminds everyone how important it is to support local writing centers.

The keynote speaker at the breakfast, Dr. Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University, told the story of Frederick Douglass’ pathway to literacy. Dr. Brodhead shared the quote from Douglass: “Knowledge is the pathway from slavery to freedom.”

Dr. Brodhead explained that it wasn’t until Douglass’s owner rebuked his wife for teaching the young slave boy ABCs did Douglass realized the power of literacy. If knowledge is power, then literacy is the necessary key to learning and understanding the world.

Leaders in literacy event speaker

Being a leader in literacy

Dedication to self-improvement is evident in the Durham Literacy Center’s students. One of the students from the English for Speakers of Other Languages program, Essoetche “George” Ebia, spoke at the breakfast. He shared his story of coming to the USA from Togo after a medical accident. He stayed in the country to improve his English in order to achieve his dream of attending North Carolina State University to study agriculture and eventually create a non-profit for American farmers share their best practices with Togolese farmers.

The Durham Literacy Center teaches students like Mr. Ebia the reading and writing skills needed to achieve their goals.

The Literacy Center has Lulu’s heartfelt thanks for empowering community members to tell their stories and expand their knowledge.
If you’re a resident of the Triangle, be sure to stop by the Durham Literacy Center’s Open House on May 10th from 5:30 – 7 PM at 1905 Chapel Hill Road, Durham.

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