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Lulu Video series: Learn More [Video]

Our talented videographer has been hard at work creating videos to help illustrate what Lulu offers and how you can take advantage of our services to publish.

Today, I’d like to highlight the series we’ve recently released, designed to help new authors begin the complex process of navigating the world of Self-Publishing! We call this series “Why Choose Lulu?” We have a lot to offer self-publishers of every kind, and I hope these videos will help you make informed decisions about how to publish your work.

Without further ado…our Lulu video series!

Resources and Tools:

Lulu is a resource above all else. Our tools are free to use and provide access to a Global distribution network.

Print Quality and Network:

Quality is king. We offer the highest quality printing at competitive prices. This Lulu video explains a little more about our commitment to quality.

Free Publishing with amazing author revenue:

Did we mention Lulu’s tools are free to use? Well, we also offer 80% revenue returns to our authors, the highest percent in the industry!

Check out our complete library of information videos, along with author interviews (and an adorable commercial with a puppy!). Be sure to look back regularly too, we’re updating with new content as fast as we can!

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