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Five Tactics for Boosting Your Clicks, Likes, and Shares

A few years ago, every indie-writers conference I attended focused on developing an author platform. This was a fancy, buzzwordy way of saying that independent authors who want to sell books also must create and maintain an Internet presence consisting of a website, a blog, and social media pages. Today the buzzwords have changed and conference sessions are still being conducted about why an Internet presence is necessary. The focus has shifted though. Efforts like boosting your clicks have usurped old content-based strategies.

Tactics for boosting your clicks

For the sake of this article, we will assume your platform is up and running. Now let’s make more effective use of these tools to get your marketing efforts noticed and your book sold. These are proven and simple ways to boost your clicks and get more readers viewing your books.

#1: A Picture Is Worth 1000 Likes


Images are the most effective way to capture a person’s attention as they scroll through their social media feed. They’re also a tried and true method for boosting your clicks. People love a funny or inspiring photo. And they tend to show that love with a Like or Upvote.

A fun way to get people talking about your work is to take and share screenshots or photos of your writing and publishing milestones to share on Facebook. For example, you can post a screenshot of your book’s product page when it is available for purchase on a new retail site, a screenshot of your book’s sales rank as it moves up the charts, or photos of you receiving and editing your proof copies. Sharing these milestones allows your fans to share in your excitement.

Don’t forget to include a link back to your website, blog, or book page to capitalize on the interest you generate. And, don’t assume your fans are all following you on Facebook. Be sure to post this content on other image-centric social sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

#2 Scatter Tastier Breadcrumbs

Tasty Bread

The entire reason for developing an internet presence is to capture a reader’s attention while maintaining your existing fans. All the little pieces of information shared in social media are like virtual breadcrumbs you scatter into the world to lure readers towards your content. So, its really important you choose “bread” your readers will love.

For example, you could spend hours writing a blog post contemplating the causes of writer’s block and how it has affected your output. Or, you can take a few minutes to post a picture of your character’s favorite car, perfume, whiskey, etc. with a link back to a blog post about that character’s back story and why their predilection for this object is important to the story.

Using this strategy, you can also share images and insights relating to settings, locales, and general research: “While researching <fill in the blank>, I learned this interesting fact about…..” Remember the 80/20 rule of social media marketing: 80% of your posts should include useful information while 20% should be dedicated to marketing your product.

#3 Make It Easy to Spread the Word

Share buttons

Adding social share buttons to your website and blog pages may seem like an obvious step, but it is often overlooked. These buttons are powerful marketing tools that essentially turn your fans into marketers every time they share your work with their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn network of friends.

Using social share buttons are a great way to boost your clicks. They also help make your fans into marketers for your cause! And even better, it’s quite easy to add these buttons to your web pages. Here are links for adding the Facebook Like button, the Tweet button, and the LinkedIn Share button.

#4 Add Facebook Comments to Your Webpage


Facebook allows you to add a commenting system to any web page. This can be particularly effective in maintaining fans because it allows you to communicate directly with your readers from within your own website. It also allows you to nurture and develop your super-fans – those readers who will buy everything you write, share all your social content, and tell all their friends about your books. These people are your most effective marketers and they will be thrilled to receive answers directly from you instead of your Facebook Marketing Page profile.

To learn more about adding Facebook Comments to your webpages, see: Facebook Comments Plugin

#5 Your Fans Love Free Stuff – And So Do Their Friends.

You probably have fans who follow everything you do – if not, see above. Why not reward them by allowing them to download a PDF version of the first chapter of your upcoming book? They will be delighted to get it first and will be eager to share the experience with their friends.

You can make it easy for them to share their happiness by including a Retweet button in the free PDF content. You can pre-populate the text of the Tweet and include a link for others to download the free chapter. “I’m reading @AuthorName’s new book: <Book Title>. Get the 1st chapter free here:”

Retweet Button

For more information, see: Adding Retweet buttons to PDFs.

These are just a few social media tactics you can easily implement with minimal effort. If you have others you would like to share, leave a comment below. And don’t forget to Like and Share this content with your friends. (See what I did there?)

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  1. I love the Tastier Breadcrumbs advice! I am going to have to try the bit about posting a character’s favorite [ insert item here ]. Thank you for sharing. This post was awesome!

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    Currently my book is NOT available on Amazon because of this mistake. Please help! I am unable to change the page numbers myself.
    Edith Leslie, alias Valentina Bek

  6. You are welcome @Mandela. The publishing process is quite straight forward.
    Write your book
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    I hope that helps 🙂

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  8. Very insightful reminder. Having fans and visitors sign up for free stuff is a powerful tool that can interactivity and follow ups. Thanks for the post.

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