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Innovative Ways to Leverage ebook Technology

Only “print” your book with Lulu? You could miss out. According to Reuters, one-fifth of American adults read an ebook last year, with the number surely to keep rising over the next few years. For authors, that means you have to leverage ebook technology.

As readers continue to supplement print books with electronic options, ebooks are a lucrative option for authors. The rise in ebook technology provides some amazing opportunities, like:

  • Updated editions of non-fiction books
  • Extra chapters
  • The ability to try out releasing a book electronically before committing to print

Ebooks are huge right now. Print isn’t going anywhere, but neither are ebooks. Options are the way of the future. And with Lulu, you can easily do both! Plus our platform offers easy means to sell your book in a variety of forms in a variety of places.

Even though smartphones and tablets are sweeping the nation, ebooks still doesn’t make up most of the market. So more often than not, people who are being recommended books can’t buy the ebook, instead they buy it on good old fashion print. Variety is key.

So where does this leave you, the writer? We live in exciting, changing times for authors. Perhaps you would like to test some new material that your readers aren’t quite familiar with? Then perhaps an eBook is the way to go. Once that takes off, you can print your book so the people who its being recommended to (who don’t have e-readers) can order your print version.

Some might lament—this is surely the death of print, right? Well, not necessarily.

As eBooks continue to gain popularity, writers will find new, creative way to use print—trying out new design schemes, or offering some print-only content. The future of publishing will be dictated by the self-publishers. The adventurous writers who try out new ways to promote and distribute their work will determine a new profit-model. Be it print, digital, or something we haven’t even thought of yet, self-publishers will be the engine of innovation for the industry.

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