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Diverse Books for a global movement

Earlier this week, we posted about the growing #WeNeedDiverseBooks Movement. The movement is drawing worldwide attention to the need to have more diverse books. Particularly looking at diversity represented in children’s literature, this campaign gives voice to underserved communities. As part of this movement, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite Lulu children’s books that celebrate diversity.

I Am A Big Girl

A story of a toddler who believes she is a BIG girl.


Dakota’s Easter Wish

More than anything, little Dakota wants to win Pleasant Mount Sunday school’s Easter egg hunt. Indeed, she was the only child who had never won. Dakota’s Easter Wish is the humorous but touching story of how a child’s quest for a prize leads to a “malodorous” outcome. This read-to-me book is especially suited for children ages 3 to 8. Written by Vasilisa Hamilton, illustrations by Kerry McCaughan.

Dakota's Easter Wish

The Pink Monkey

One day many years ago in a jungle far away, a little monkey is born. Just like all his friends, Luis is a mischievous, playful monkey except for one small detail—he has pink fur! Even though no one has ever seen a pink monkey before, everyone loves Luis. He learns to be happy with his colorful coat—until one fateful day, when it is time for him to go to school. All the other little monkeys stare at him. Luis is different. He does not look like them at all! In their eyes, Luis is not a real monkey. What can help the other little monkeys accept Luis for who he is? The Pink Monkey is a fun and engaging tale about the misadventures of a little monkey hero who teaches everyone around him a valuable lesson about tolerance and acceptance of others.

The Pink Monkey

I’ll Find A Way: Encontraré El Modo

I’ll Find A Way is an inspiring non-fiction story of Alejandro’s perseverance and inner strength. This book will inspire and encourage young readers who are facing any type of disability in their lives to follow their dreams no matter how great the obstacles.

I'll Find A Way: Encontraré El Modo

Diverse Books for all

Lulu offers free and open self-publishing, along with low-cost print-on-demand. That means you can share your story, no matter who you are or where you are.

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