Launches New Education Program Dedicated to Helping Authors Self-Publish and Achieve Sales Success

WED, MAR 12, 2014 11:39 EST

March 20 Webinar Discusses the Steps to Becoming a Published Author , the pioneer in independent publishing, today announced an upcoming webinar series designed to help writers become published authors by demonstrating proven techniques for marketing and selling their creations.

The first webinar in the series, “ The Path to Becoming a Published Author,” is scheduled for March 20 at noon ET and will provide an insightful look at the self-publishing marketplace and how to be a successful author by publishing your own books. Attendees will learn:

  • How to choose the best delivery mechanism for your book
  • How to select the distribution channels that get your book noticed
  • What metadata is and how to use it to drive sales

“We’ve found that the most successful Lulu authors all have a few things in common,” said Ginny Gomez, chief marketing officer at Lulu. “They produce great works and, just as importantly, they take advantage of available marketing and publicity tools, many of which are free. Lulu is pleased to share these tips with all authors—those who are new to self-publishing as well as established authors looking to boost their sales.”

The webinar focuses on empowering writers with the knowledge and tools necessary to finish their creations and share them with the world. Presented by Dan Dillon, director of product marketing at Lulu, and Ralph Coviello of Bowker, the webinar is designed to help new and existing authors promote their work, generate interest and build a loyal following.

The March 20 webinar is open for registration. You can register by clicking here: .


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