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Publishing for the Future


Only seven short years ago Lulu launched what was one of the very first self-publishing sites on the Internet. Since then, we’ve served millions of authors by helping sell tens of millions of their books. Now we’re looking to the future to ensure you can continue to publish your book, your way.

But what was a great idea then is only a good idea today. Our success has spawned a myriad of imitators. Some are almost as good at what we do as we are. Competition is the least of our concerns. The bigger trend we are embracing to better serve our customers is the explosion of ebook readers. With that comes digital marketplaces, which are changing the very nature of what a book is.

We’ve been working hard to re-invent Lulu to offer features our competitors have yet to even dream about. We are moving from a concept of self-publishing to one of open-publishing. In very broad terms self-publishing is what it sounds like. We give you the tools and you get to publish your book yourself. We give you the platform and we empower you to innovate. Lulu provides the tools and solutions that best fit your needs and helps you sell more books. 

The Lulu platform will be of particular benefit to a new generation of publishers. We aim to create new tools to help authors reach more readers, monetize out-of-print or back-catalogued titles, and grow their customer-base.  We will have several more major announcements coming throughout this year!

The first being our exciting new Open Publishing APIs (Application Programming Interface), recently made available to the public.

The only way to predict the future is to invent it.

You can download and play with our APIs over at developers.lulu.com. Lulu is helping a new generation of creators profit. We’re enabling you to bring your knowledge and expertise to customers more easily than ever before. For those of you who don’t know, an API is like a Lego® block that makes a website or application work. And with Lulu APIs, authors, publishers, businesses, and developers can create a new breed of web applications, powered by Lulu, and marketed under their own brand names – absolutely free.

So far, we’ve been blown away by the creativity and innovation we’ve seen! Since its launch in late 2010, developers.lulu.com has grown to 150 registered developers, 45 applications and is live on 10 sites.

By releasing all of the great features found on Lulu.com such as document conversion, order fulfillment, and ecommerce through a series of APIs, Lulu is redefining the future for all publishers and providing our creators with even more freedom.  Now a new generation of publisher can now offer unique and innovative publishing services to their authors. And the audiences those authors serve use Lulu’s global print and retail networks. Now we’re adding our commerce engine too! This service calculates royalties in a range of currencies all in real time. And finally, our publishing tools that can help those authors turn their ideas into valuable books.

To learn more, or to tell your techie friends about it without having to learn more, visit:  developers.lulu.com



Bob Young, Lulu CEO and serial entrepreneur
Bob Y

Founder and CEO of Lulu, as well as one of the founders of Red Hat, Bob is a consummate entrepreneur.

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  1. Iam looking forward to having more time to read about how I can publish my childeren’s book. I wrote it way back in 1987, and many times thereafter, and it has been my dream to have it published. I have never had the money to do so, but now with Lulu’s help, I think I will make it happen at my own speed and financial ability. I’m so glad to know you are there, and am looking forward to working with you.

  2. Author G D Grace

    As always, I thank you for always keeping me up to date on things pertaining to the literary industry. You’re the best.

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