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Lulu is Going to BEA and BookCon 2019

Another May is here and that means another trip to BEA and BookCon!

We’re happy to be sending Team Lulu to meet with authors, publishers, and book designers looking to expand their print-on-demand options. We’ll be at Booth #1107 for the entire event—from the beginning of BEA to the end of BookCon!

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If you need to find the Lulu Booth, here’s a handy map of the Javits Center.

There’s a lot going on there, but we’re in the lower center of the map, here’s a blowup:

Lulu BEA and BookCon booth location

Author Signings

The Lulu team will be on site during all of BEA and BookCon to answer your questions about self-publishing and print-on-demand. But we’re also featuring a couple amazing Lulu authors for signings during the events! Be sure to stop by and pick up a signed copy.

Ross Everrett Author Signing

Get to know our BEA and BookCon featured authors a little better.

What’s New With Lulu?

2019 is a kind of crazy year for Lulu. And that’s saying something following 2018, which was also a crazy year.

Right now, we’ve got a lot going on to talk to new authors, veteran authors, and publishers about. Here’s just a couple of things to come see us and chat about this year at BEA and BookCon:


Lulu xPress App

About a year ago, we launched our Lulu Direct App for the Shopify® ecommerce engine. A simple concept (connecting print-on-demand to online retail) but one we found decidedly lacking for authors. Lulu xPress offers a simple means to sell your books directly through your ecommerce store or website using the world leader in ecommerce, Shopify®.

Come chat with us about this App and see if it might be right for your author website or if adding print-on-demand to your publisher bookstore might be a source of additional revenue. We’re really excited about the opportunities and possibilities our xPress App opens up for creators of all sorts and we’d love to share that excitement with you.

Lulu API logo

Lulu Open API

Did you know that you can use Lulu’s API for free? That means you could grab our code and add it to your own website to sell print-on-demand books! You pay for the printing and shipping with Lulu, the rest is entirely on your end. That means a completely free to use, infinitely (almost) customizable print-on-demand service that can get books to over 150 countries around the world.

Using APIs is not for everyone, but if you manage a website and you have (or think you want) a book available for sale, Lulu’s API might be just the solution you need.

5K for 5K logo

$5k for 5k Writing Contest

Running until June 30th, Lulu is hosting a writing contest with a grand prize of $5,000! You can learn more on our contests page.

Our theme for this contest is ‘Crossing Borders’ and we’ve already received a number of amazing entries. But there’s still time to get your work of fiction or nonfiction submitted.

Stop by the Lulu Booth to learn more!

Team Lulu

Since 2002, Lulu has powered the knowledge-sharing economy by enabling creators in more than 225 countries and territories to publish over 2 million books. Lulu’s industry-leading tools and global network of print facilities provide creators with the resources to succeed on their terms.

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