Lulu is your one-stop DIY Halloween party planning advisor

All Soul’s Day, Samhain, Halloween, Protestant Reformation Day – they’re all a week away. Chances are, you’re either going to a party, hosting one or hiding in terror. Make whatever you’ve got coming up better with the following guides.

Easy & Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Why spend a fortune on Halloween costumes? This book contains over 60 creative and easy costume ideas that you can make at home, using common household items. Impress your friends at Halloween! Or make fun and inexpensive costumes for your kids.

Easy & Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you have a costume yet? Do you dread geting caught between spending too much time and money, and wearing the lamest getup ever? You should read Easy & Creative Halloween Costume Ideas by Lisa Severson. This book will show you 60 painless ways to create memorable costumes for yourself, your kids or that lackadaisical loser who shows up at your house dressed as “Joe the Plumber.”

13 Halloween Recipes

This booklet of kitchen-tested recipes includes a complete Halloween dinner, treats, appetizers and even a “Goblin’s Horns” breakfast casserole. Complete with color photos!

13 Halloween Recipes from

Serve memorably spooky snacks at your party by following the repulsive recipes in 13 Halloween Recipes from Those Goblin Horns are making me hungry. Please remember that these depraved dishes are only visually arresting – we have the authors’ word that everything featured is very tasty regardless of appearance. Even Poop On A Cracker.

Mummy Doll Pattern

MAke a mummy or a few for a frightful and fun halloween. You can enlarge this pattern if desired to make a toddler size doll or make them mini to bury in candy bowls.

Mummy Doll Pattern

Further frighten up your humble abode with Mummy Dolls – frightfully fun projects for large and small mummy creations.

Monster Month

Thirty-one days, thirty-one monsters: Monster Month! After a lifetime of trekking jungles, climbing mountains, and spelunking caves, the world’s foremost cryptozoologist at last reveals a selection of his greatest discoveries. Herein you will find the Adameve, the Dark Strider, the Opium Gore Golem, the Trick Squilligoss, the Zompire Bat… And many more fantastic beasts!

Monster Month

Another book that would be fun to have at your party is Professor Ichbonnsen’s Monster Month. It’s a spectacular who’s who of the monsters that are likely skulking your streets this season.

Witch Way….His Way A reference guide to the Craft

Cauldrons instead of Jack-o-lanterns? Most people are focused on stockpiling bags of candy and finding the perfect costume for Halloween. But is there more to this festive holiday than the typical tricks and treats? Steven Johnson’s book titled Witch Way . . . His Way does so much more than spout off spooky tales of goblins and ghouls.

Witch Way....His Way A reference guide to the Craft

And, finally, if your party gets to the point where a past life regression session or druid healing spell is necessary, it’s probably a good idea to have a copy of A reference guide to the Craft on hand.

With all this fine literature at your disposal, any chilling celebration is bound to be a smash hit.

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