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Lulu Joins Durham’s Inaugural Read Local Book Festival

There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing readers, writers, and publishers come together to celebrate their love of all things books. It’s even better when they’re doing it to support a great cause. A few weekends ago, that’s exactly what happened. In this case, the event was the inaugural Read Local Book Festival in downtown Durham, North Carolina, and the cause was raising money for the Durham Library Foundation. And since it was in our own backyard, we here at Lulu couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get involved and show our support.

Lulu Read Local Book Festival Table and banner

Read Local book festival success!

The result was an undeniable success! Over one hundred local authors, both established and up-and-coming, turned out for the event. They showcased their work and participated in panels, talking and answering questions about writing and publishing. Thousands of readers showed up to walk the tables and find their favorite authors, as well as discover a few new ones.

Small publishers and independent bookstores were on hand to display the best new books they had to offer. There were even literacy-based volunteer organizations to help spread the message of the weekend. There was something for everyone, no matter how you were involved in the publishing industry.

More than books

Oh, and there were some favorites in local food and drink there to keep everyone well-fed, too.

Lulu was lucky enough to be right in the middle of it at the Exhibitor Fair, with our very own Jennifer and Gannon in attendance manning the Lulu table and mingling with the crowd. They were happy to see some familiar faces, like Jon Batson and Rachel Pollock. They met up with a number of authors who have used Lulu to create, publish, and sell their books. From popular fiction to niche hobbies, the breadth of content that’s available from Lulu authors was well represented.

Lulu author Jon Batson at the Read Local Book Festival
Lulu author Rachel Pollock at the Read Local Book Festival

On top of that, they were able to introduce a handful of people to Lulu. Some aspiring authors looking to publish a book. Others included a reader wanting to find a great new independent writer. And even a publisher trying to manage and print their entire catalog. Next year’s festival is sure to have even more support from the Lulu crowd.

After three days and thousands of visitors, the community raised over $20,000 in support of the Durham Library Foundation. Lulu is proud to support the Read Local Book Festival! Hopefully the first of many to come!

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