Lulu Leads Teen Writing Workshop

At Lulu, we believe everyone has a story to share. One great way to help raise awareness about how to share stories is through writing workshops.

In the words of the great Backstreet Boys, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you Lulu. Or, something like that.

Writing workshops to share stories

Fellow Lulu employee, Carra, and I took this mantra to the LGBT Center of Raleigh for a free LGBTQA Teen’s Writing Workshop. We quickly discovered that the Backstreet Boys aren’t on any teen of 2016’s radar, but we did find that there were plenty of stories to share.

When we arrived, the five writing workshop attendees were in the middle of sharing their short stories with plenty of enthusiastic hand gesturing.

They graciously welcomed us. As any good internet company must do, we opened our kitten-filled PowerPoint titled “Getting Started with Indie Publishing”.  #UCanHazPublishr.

We talked about the importance of keeping a writing “sketchbook” and making it a habit to write every day. Ideas may not be ready to make their debut into a full story today, but they might revisit your imagination in the future. So write them down!

Carra and I also emphasized that authors don’t have to come to Lulu with a 1,000-page memoir. Our platform supports stories of all lengths. Plus, with the magic of print-on-demand, authors can revise their books at any time. They can simply swap out the old file with a new version.

When we asked, “What do you like to write about?” we were answered overwhelmingly with the answer “FAN FICTION!“. This brought up the always fun conversation about intellectual property and laws surrounding copyright.* Please don’t steal other authors’ works.

Using Lulu to share your story

Then, we talked about how to prepare a manuscript to upload to Lulu’s publishing platform. We suggested making friends with a word processing software like Microsoft Word and using Lulu templates for the specific book format chosen.

Finally, we passed out some sweet sweet Lulu swag and wished our future best-selling authors all the luck in the world.

*I’m not a lawyer. I can give suggestions about law-related Netflix series to binge-watch, but I can’t give real legal advice.

Sheridan H

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Sheridan is an author advocate, B Corp Champion, friend to all cats everywhere, and a clog aficionado.

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