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Lulu Speaker Series: Marketing Specialist Diana M. Needham

In February we introduced a new web series featuring publishing and marketing experts. We kicked off the series by welcoming Diana M. Needham, a local book marketing consultant, to the Lulu office to share her journey on becoming an author. She also shared some great tips on “Getting Started Writing a Book.”

As a book marketing consultant, Needham first asks her clients five questions. “It all starts with your big why. Why are you writing this book? What is it that is inside of you that is compelling you to get this message out? When you can be really clear about your ‘big why,’ you can continue the momentum and actually get the book finished.”
Learn more by clicking below for excerpts from the live interview.

About Diana M. Needham

Needham is the author of The Authority Mindset: Proven Principles For Establishing Yourself as an Expert in Any Industry and chairs the local chapter of the Nonfiction Authors Association in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill NC area

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5 thoughts on “Lulu Speaker Series: Marketing Specialist Diana M. Needham”

  1. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks for your insight. In the business, we often refer to this as “Sell the hook, not the book.” The hook is your area of expertise. As you say, when you get people interested in what you are saying, it’s much easier to generate interest in the book you wrote based on your expertise.

  2. Diana is right in insisting that the author take responsibility for marketing his or her book. I have heard this message from various experts, and it has enabled me to overcome the misgivings afflicting new authors.
    The strategy is not to market the book as such, but to arouse and sustain people’s interest in what you are passionate about as a writer. When people realize how interesting or important your work is, or when they see what an interesting and engaging speaker you are, they want to read your book. It is as if they want to maintain their connection with you. I have seen this happening again and again with my book, “Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences.”

  3. I think Diana nailed it on the head when she ask her clients about the “why”. That probably explains why my book has been in the works forever. Not a big enough why.

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