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Cooking Up a Book (Featured Authors)

We’re full into the holiday season now. That means shopping, friends and family, and of course, lots of great food. What better time to highlight a cookbook for this month’s featured authors?

As we all come together to share time and meals, we’re spotlighting one of our favorite cookbook authors this month.

Jasmine Daya

Meet Jasmine Daya, author of JD in the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers & Chutney.

Check out our Facebook Live with highlights from JD in the Kitchen and Jasmine’s quick list of kitchen must-haves:

JD in the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers & Chutneys

Jasmine Daya is an experienced home cook who loves collaborating in the kitchen with her mother, Shan. In her first cookbook, Daya shares recipes for delicious Indian appetizers and chutneys with East African influences intended to inspire both novice and experienced chefs to experiment in the kitchen and ultimately bring their culinary creations to life.

JD in the Kitchen: Indian Appetizers & Chutneys

Keep Up With Jasmine Around The Web:

We’ve all got that tattered book stuffed with handwritten recipes and torn out pages from our old Betty Crocker© cookbooks. Take those recipes you and your family have been cooking for years and turn them into something truly unique.

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