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Spooky Fun (Featured Authors)

October is drawing to a close. And that means it’s time to enjoy some spooky fun books from our spookiest Lulu authors for this month’s featured authors.

Let’s get right into the scares!

Katelan Balah

First up we have Katelan Balah with her book The Fear Beard.

This illustrated book is a statement about fear and facing that fear. Drawing inspiration from public libraries, Katelan is primarily a digital artist and freelance illustrator, but when the urge to create something unique strikes, she jumps on it!

Learn a little more about Katelan and The Fear Beard from our Facebook Live video:

The Fear Beard

Maggie lives in a little town that holds a secret. They are hiding an old magic man away in a tall tower. The tower is rumoured to hold a persons fears, so one day Maggie decides to tell it her worries. Instead she discovers the old man, and after hearing his story decides to help him out. Maggie descends the tower and grabs her quest by its fluffy beard!

The Fear Beard

Kelsey Crnich

Next up we have another illustrator – Kelsey Crnich. Her book, Halphaween, takes a direct approach to making Halloween accessible for kids with a learning element. We go through the alphabet and learn how every letter means something for Halloween.

Watch the video from our Facebook Live here:


Halphaween is a beautiful book for all ages. Featuring vintage illustrated drop cap, rhymes, and spooky illustrations; learning the alphabet is all of a sudden a joy instead of a chore. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their children and reminiscing about the days they would get dressed up to go trick or treat!


Keep Up With Kelsey Around The Web:

Stephen Brotherstone & Dave Lawrence

Last but certainly not least, we featured Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrense, co-authors of the weirdly wonderful, but true, book Scarred for Life.

We sat down with Stephen to learn about why the duo decided to write a book about 70s Pop Culture. Want to know the answer to that and other questions about one of our favorite Lulu books? Watch the Facebook Live video!

Scarred For Life Volume One

Scarred For Life Volume One is an affectionate look at the darker side of pop culture in the 1970s. Public information films, scary kids’ TV show, bleak adult dramas, dystopian sci-fi, savage horror films, violent comics, horror-themed toys and sweets and the huge boom in paranormal paraphernalia; all this and much more is covered in depth. Prepare to relive your childhood nightmares. The things that made us… Scarred For Life!

Scarred For Life Volume One

Catch up with Stephen and Dave on the Twitter feed! You won’t be disappointed.

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