Featured Authors for January 2019

Unique Cookbooks for the new year (Featured Authors)

Okay, this will be our last ‘new year’ themed post. I promise. But we have a strong contingent of authors creating unique cookbooks, exercise regimens, and other health related books. Which is just too perfect to pass up. So, if you’re looking to eat better this year or just want to cook some unique meals, we’ve got the perfect books for you.

Today we’ll be highlighting three cookbooks that focus on alternate or non-standard diets and practices. These less than common diet plans are offered healthy eating for individuals with dietary restrictions, or those interested in trying new ways to cook and consume.

GluTEEN Free

First up is GluTEEN Free by Cody Ankerman. The clever title is actually more than just a clever title. Cody is a teen suffering from Celiac disease. Needing to find recipe options that didn’t include Gluten, Cody found himself eating a lot of unpalatable meals.

Rather than despair, he went on the hunt for recipes that avoided Gluten while tasting good. His search led to this unique cookbook (and a great Instagram account) full of Gluten-free meal options that still entice your taste buds.

GluTeen Free

Although this is gluten free cookbook written by a teen for teens. Adults with a need or interest to eat gluten free should check out this cookbook.

Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future

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21 Days 63 Meals

Next up we have Kaylie Johnson’s 21 Days 63 Meals: An Easy Paleo Whole30 Meal Plan. Kaylie discovered cooking during her teen years when an auto-immune disease restricted her options for diet and activity. She turned to created great food to stay active and to keep herself healthy.

Along with her cookbook full of delicious and healthy meal options, Kayla runs a health and wellness blog – paleoglutenfree.com.

21 Meals 63 Days: An Easy Paleo Whole30 Meal Plan

21 Days 63 Meals: An Easy Paleo Whole30 Meal Plan A simple easy meal plan for busy people who like to eat healthy. One month of paleo, whole30, and plant based recipes. Includes weekly shopping lists, daily nutritional information, and easy tasty recipes to keep you fueled and satisfied. WHAT’S INCLUDED? 63 original recipes 3 shopping lists Bonus snack list Daily nutritional data Week-by-week meal plans Meal prep tips and tricks Fast and easy recipes! Photos with every recipe The week off from meal planning!

21 Meals 63 Days: An Easy Paleo Whole30 Meal Plan

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Alkaline Vegan Mommy’s Nutritional Guide to Health and Healing

Last up for this installment is Deondra Greene’s Alkaline Vegan Mommy’s Nutritional Guide to Health and Healing. An alkaline diet seeks to remove specific types of food from your diet, namely meats and sugars, that contain acids and other chemicals that can be harmful to some.

Deondra’s journey to vegan eating started as a personal goal for weight loss, but after three years eating vegan, she’s discovered how effective this diet can be. And with her Nutritional Guide, you can eat vegan without sacrificing taste!

Alkaline Vegan Mommy’s Nutritional Guide to Health and Healing

Alkaline Vegan Mommy’s Nutritional Guide to Health and Healing is a cookbook designed for those who would like to transition into a healthy lifestyle.

Alkaline Vegan Mommy's Nutritional Guide to Health and Healing

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Making a new year’s resolution is nothing new. I’m sure most of us have done so at one time or another. But this year, don’t make a resolution to just lose weight. Instead, grab an amazing cookbook from one of our authors and just make an effort to try something new, to eat just a little healthier, or to use ingredients you’d never tried before.

If you want to find more unique cookbooks or you’re interested in creating your own, check out Lulu’s Cookbook homepage.

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