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Lulu Sustainability: No More Disposable Plastic

At Lulu, we get really excited about sustainability. Being sustainable is not a new thing for us. It has long been an important part of our company and something we all value.

We do this through a number of things company wide; from flowers and plants around our office to lunch and learn programs to help educate ourselves about composting, the benefits of supporting local businesses, and sustainability. 

Today, we’re going to focus on just one way to promote sustainability. It all starts in our break room (which we lovingly call the Lulu Cafe). 

Everyday Sustainability

Our break room boasts cute coffee mugs for employees to use, a compost bin for leftover food and paper towels, and recycling bins for cans and cardboard. On the surface, the Lulu Cafe appears to be a very environmentally friendly.

Lulu's Break Room from 2 angles

But do you know what else we have in our break room? Single use plastic items including silverware and paper plates. 

It’s easy to not give a second thought to disposable plastic. Even items that say that they are made from recyclable material, we use those items and feel like we are making a sustainable choice. However, this is 2021 and we can do better than that.

Do you know how many plastic utensils actually get thrown away? Almost 40 billion! How many of those purchased do you think were purchased with the thought, “I’ll recycle it later?” Things can go awry even with the best of intentions.

Sustainable Goals

One of our goals for the year is to eliminate single use plastic items from the Lulu Cafe. We’re done contributing to the growing landfills these items end up in. 

Tree in a broken glass dome, Pixabay - https://pixabay.com/photos/environmental-protection-326923/

As a company, we want to leave the world better than we found it. We want to educate ourselves and others on how we can improve. We are constantly learning new things and growing. We are only one company but we believe anyone can lead by example.

Dropping The Plastic

We will no longer be purchasing disposable items. Instead, we will switch to silverware and dishware that can be cleaned and sanitized in the dishwasher and reused.  Lulu is proud to be working towards a future that does not include single use items. Lulu employees will be able to use environmentally friendly items and keep disposables out of landfills. As an added bonus, we’ll cut down on our water consumption by running our dishwasher to clean and sanitize all items. 

Building Sustainability

We are proud to partner with CompostNow of Raleigh, NC for all of our composting needs. We are proud to offer educational opportunities for personal sustainability.  One of our newer partners is a local coffee shop called 321 Coffee.  They are working to use reusable cold brew containers, and we are excited to be bringing something new to our break room. 

We hope that our actions will inspire others to find things in their daily lives that they can switch to a more sustainable option. And we hope that our employees are proud to work for Lulu and proud of what we are accomplishing. 

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Emma B

Emma is a Global Fulfillment Representative at Lulu.

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