The Power Of Inclusion: Lulu’s Core Values

Lulu Core Values and Black History Month

Erin is Lulu’s VP of People. Today she joins us to talk a little about our updated Core Values statements and how these values inform our efforts to create an open and inclusive publishing platform for authors of all kinds, from all places.

Within the last year at, we reimagined our core values. As a cohesive team, we thought about our mission and what values would need to be in place for us to live our mission every day. 

Lulu is dedicated to making the world a better place, one book at a time, through sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand products, and a commitment to excellent service.

To further our mission, we’re introducing our new core values; commitments that guide us in making Lulu and the entire publishing industry more accessible and welcoming.

Creating Core Values

We established four Core Values to guide us in our efforts to make publishing available to anyone, anywhere. These values are part of our effort to ensure open, equitable publishing for anyone with a story to tell.

  • Community
  • Optimism
  • Innovation
  • Creativity


We empower authors, creators and employees to support local and global communities through diverse storytelling, volunteerism, and sustainable practices.

Our first core value is our most treasured. We believe in the power of community. Whether it’s giving our employees paid time off to volunteer in our local community, our B-Corp certification, or our wide array of authors, we know the power of what community can bring.

We understand our carbon footprint and work to reduce it. We recognize our privilege and give employees time off to give back. We empower authors because their power was taken away. Our global view is about creating the world we want to live in and be a part of. That means representing the communities that aren’t always elevated. It also means that we build a foundation where others can thrive.


We believe that a collective positive mental attitude drives meaningful change.

As humans, we’re wired to be negative thinkers. It’s in our biology to always be prepared to survive. It is up to us to embrace self-awareness and focus on an optimistic mindset to overcome our challenges. We pivot quickly when we’re faced with challenges and rely on our collective optimism to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 


We question everything and push boundaries to create the best publishing experience.

We know we’re not perfect. We realize there are areas that need improvement for our customers and our team at Lulu. We’re not seeking perfection but we are seeking constant innovation to ensure we’re doing the best we can.

Innovation is about not settling for what we have but striving for what we can be. It’s about striving to provide the best software, the best customer experience, and the best employee experience. We are dedicated to innovating our culture as fast as we are innovating our product. When we do right by our people, we do right by our customers. 


We take a humble and imaginative approach to giving ourselves and others the freedom to create.

As Chuck Wachendorfer once said, “My ego has no amigo.

That is true at Lulu. We know that in order to cultivate creativity within our employees and our authors, we always need to be open. We are a team. We aren’t in need or in search of a hero. We want teammates that know the value of winning as a team. No one ever became great on their own. It’s about supporting and uplifting each other.

We are open to dreaming of the impossible, creating what an author doesn’t expect, and seeking the best in others. Creativity happens when there is a high level of psychological safety and trust. Our culture is innovating quickly and it’s due to the creativity of our employees. We believe in them, we trust them, we listen to them and we rely on them. Creativity happens when you have fun at work. So, take off the straight jacket, show us your tattoos, piercings, and hair. We want your individuality front and center because that creativity is what makes us great. 

Honoring History

In traditional publishing, only certain voices are amplified. If you have a guaranteed bestseller or a connection into that network, you’ll get a book deal. At, we eliminate those obstacles. We believe in providing a way for storytellers of diverse backgrounds to amplify their stories and publish their books.

At Lulu, we believe Black History Month is every month. Black history is American history. Our platform enables voices to be heard and uplifted. We want to remove obstacles so you can share your story. In 100 years, we want to look back and know that we did our part in history to amplify the stories that needed to be told. We want to know that we helped make history through our authors.

We’re a global community and we’re committed to being a platform that sets you up for success. 

Lulu has a long history and we’re proud to support you as you share yours. This year, with the turbulent events of 2020 still fresh in our minds, we’re committed to creating an environment to elevate marginalized voices. We hope you enjoy reading the stories of our featured authors this month and look forward to seeing what you’ll create in the days and years to come!

Erin M VP of People And Culture

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Erin is the VP of People and Culture at Lulu.

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