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Lunch & Learn: Steve Pemberton

Here at Lulu Press we are passionate about reading.  Working at a self-publishing company, it’s basically a requirement. Of course, we do a monthly book club as one of our engagement initiatives. For January we read A Chance In The World by Steve Pemberton. We chose this book because we wanted to pick a story that was about hope and tied seamlessly with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. And we were able to get 45 signed copies from Steve! .  

A Chance in the World is a fantastic book. As a narrative, it tells the story of a boy who found in books the imaginative ability to see a new, different, and better world. As a history, it unearths a painful and abusive past that, against all odds, forged the character of the wonderful man Steve Pemberton has become. But, most important, the book affirms a set of values central to all of humanity – love, hope, faith, and perseverance. A Chance in the World reminds us of a universal truth: the human spirit is enduring.

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr., Edward R. Johnson, Clinical Professor of Law Harvard Law School

Along with reading this book for our January Book Club, we were privileged to be able to have Steve Pemberton virtually do a Lunch & Learn with us.  We got to ask questions, hear more of his story, and get a little sneak peek into his new book! It was a genuine treat to be able to have that kind of interaction with the author of a book that we had all read together. Before the Lunch & Learn, we got together and came up with some specific questions we wanted to ask Steve.  It was a twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as we plan on having Steve come back and do a similar program with us for his new book!

Check out below what some of our Lulus thought of getting some face time with Steve!

How often do you get to read a book and then personally share your thoughts and questions with the author himself? Not only did Steve Pemberton autograph our copies, but he also scheduled time with us to discuss his book “A chance in the world”. I am very thankful that Lulu provided a space for employees to learn more about this amazing human being.


I found “A Chance in the World” to be an incredibly powerful story of determination, resilience, and ultimately success. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Hearing from the author first-hand was a great opportunity that gave the book even more life and further enhanced the story. 


It was great to have Mr. Steve Pemberton join us live for Lulu’s book club discussion of A Chance in the World. As a memoir of a survivor of abuse in the foster care system, meeting the author and experiencing his positive outlook was inspiring. Steve was warm and friendly, openly sharing details of his experiences. From a writer perspective, he discussed writing techniques to set the atmosphere and feelings of various situations. Steve shared how things were the same, and how they were different, when he retraced steps of his memory as an adult. I was very appreciative of the discussion.


Pemberton’s memoir was a moving treat for anyone looking to challenge their own perceptions of life in the United States. After reading his story and speaking with him, it is easy to see that we, as a country, have a long way to go before we can create a safe place for all children, not just those born into privileged households. 


If you don’t want to take the word of a Lulu, then check out the book for yourself! Or if you don’t think want to read check out a TedTalk!

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