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Include Lulu Discounts in Your Email Marketing

Summer Reading

The words you choose to promote your books and new releases are all yours, but you should also be taking advantage of Lulu discounts and special offers. To help you with your marketing, our site discounts are now being offered for up to one week making it easier than ever to share them with your readers.

Sizzling Summer Savings!
Warm Up with Hot Winter Savings!
The Hottest Deals of the Season!
Best Book Ever Written, Get It Now and Save!

Why should you be using email promotion? For starters, email marketing works. Social media may seem like the savvier approach, but email is roughly six times more effective at bringing in new buyers than Facebook and Twitter. Email also gives you a great platform for sharing special offers and introducing new books, without your carefully crafted message getting lost in the endless scroll of tweets, status updates, and ever-changing social media display algorithms.

Here’s a sample email template you can adapt for your use:

Email Subject Line: Save XX% on the Season’s Hottest Book: <insert book title>

Email Body: Be the first of your friends to read the book everyone will soon be talking about.
<Placeholder for title and one line/elevator pitch book description>
Order today from and save <discount> with coupon code <insert Code here> thru <expiration date>.
To place your order, simply click this link: <Placeholder for link to book>, then click Add to Cart and apply the code at checkout.
This discount is for a limited time, so don’t wait. Order today and save! <Link to book>
<Author name>

**Don’t forget, coupon codes are case-sensitive.

Sharing a Lulu Discount is that easy

See? Simple. You highlight the current savings, briefly describe the book, and provide easy instructions. It’s low-pressure, informative and brief. You can even provide a link right to your book’s product page and save your readers from searching. If you have multiple titles, include a link to your Author Spotlight page to encourage shoppers to browse your catalog. Everyone wins when your readers shop in the Lulu bookstore. They save money and you earn higher revenues.

Though we are currently in the middle of the summer reading season, this strategy works year-round. At, we’re always looking for ways to help you promote and sell your books. Whenever we have a sale—seasonal or otherwise—send out an email blast letting everyone know. After all, it’s always the season for reading!

Current discounts, coupon codes, and expiration dates are always listed on the Lulu home page:

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