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The authors who use to share their books with the world are great at writing. It just so happens that they’re fantastic at marketing their books too. Case in point: Dr. Alwin Lewis, author of “Why Weight Around?” and featured on The Dr. Oz Show. As a Lulu author and user of print-on-demand, we wanted to get his thoughts on the process.

Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy

This is the final word in weight loss. Dr. Lewis details the ultimate strategy that will help anyone of any size lose weight quickly and permanently.

Why Weight Around? Changing The Weight Loss Strategy

We recently caught up with Dr. Lewis and him to share some of his secrets for effective book marketing.

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How did you land the “Why Wait Around?” segment on the Dr. Oz Show?

The producers from the Dr. Oz Show called my office out of the blue one day. Within a month, I had taped the show. The word is getting around.

Why do you think your book has been successful?

It provides the most consistent, powerful weight loss strategy available on the market today.

How did you first go about finding an audience for your book?

The audience for whom I was writing are my patients. They drove me to write it, and in many ways
they supplied the content. Because of the success I was having with my patients who did the program I decided to publish it, and was a perfect fit for me and my needs.

What are the essential parts of your book marketing plan?

I rely on word-of-mouth publicity to market my book.

What tactics work best for reaching your audience and getting them to buy your book?

My reader has to really want to get thin. If they do, they are already 95% sold on the book. I also use testimonials and before/after pictures on my author web site,, to help motivate people. Last, but not least, I stress the importance of maximizing their health and living exceptionally.

Let’s say you have only $500 to spend on book marketing. How do you spend it?

I would probably spend it on business card-sized print ads that I can leave around town to spread the word within my area. I rely on word-of-mouth and my web site to carry the marketing of my book outside my city’s borders.

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