Marketing your Book with Buy Now Buttons

Keep your potential readers focused. Simplify book purchases by adding these free “Buy Now” buttons on your website or blog.

Reel in more readers with just four quick steps:

STEP 1: Log onto “My Lulu”

STEP 2: Click the star icon next to your published book

Buy Now Buttons

STEP 3: Choose the buy now button you like

Buy Now Buttons

STEP 4: Copy and paste the code to your website or blog

Buy Now Buttons

When your buyers click on these buttons, they will be taken to a Lulu shopping cart, which will include your book. It really is just that simple – so try it out today!

Take me to My Lulu.

6 thoughts on “Marketing your Book with Buy Now Buttons”

  1. I am trying to put a preview of my book on my website using the “embed” code option from the preview page on your website. when I insert it into my page it doesn’t work. all it shoes on the webpage is
    This content requires Adobe Flash Player version 8.0.0 or greater. Get Flash” and I have flash 8 or greater

  2. Rick,
    Good job with your preview. Yes, on each book web page there is an “Embed” button next to the social share icons where you can grab HTML code with a Flash-based preview of your book. The width and height parameters within the embedded HTML can be adjusted to fit into different website templates.

  3. C’mon, these are 1990s web buttons. What about flash preview? A configurable discount button? A text box with book cover and price? Facebook like? Add to cart? Put some effort into it!

  4. Rick,
    Thanks for your comment. If you have further recommendations, please let us know. We are always looking for more ways to help authors sell and market their books.

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