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Author Earnings: Passive Revenue Ideas

Whether you write for fun or profit, your author earnings are always a consideration. In this article, we look at ways to earn more.

SEO For Your Author Website

It’s not uncommon to overlook the technical SEO for authors when crafting an author website. But if you want new readers you have to be discoverable!

6 Author Website Tips for Success

An author without an author website will struggle to build a brand. Don’t let your readers get lost searching for your online, create a stunni

Social Selling For Your Book

If youre readers on social media, that’s where you need to be too! Social selling is a vital part of any independent author’s sales plan.

How To Write A Book Description

Writing a powerful book description will help you sell your book. Just like a cover and title, the book description is an important marketing tool.

Social Media Content Ideas for Authors

Create compelling social media content with these easy tips for making graphics, posting your work and others, and using reviews.

How To Grow Your Author Network

Selling your book without an author network is, at best, exceedingly difficult. But with a network of interested readers, you’ve got a leg up!

The Anatomy Of Good Blog Writing

Writing great stories is one thing, blog writing is a different challenge entirely. So you need a different, more technical approach.

Using Your Book as a Business Card

Your book can be the perfect tool for your business. Think about handing someone a book when everyone else is handing out business cards.

How to map your book marketing plan

Mapping your book marketing plan is no easy task, but Chandler Bolt of offers the outline you need to get started.

How to Grow Your Author Platform

Your author platform is the key to building an audience online and offline. Learn how to jump-start your author platform today.

Using GIFs to get Attention

Learn how to use GIFs as a marketing tool for your book and your author brand.

Lulu’s 4 Step Holiday Book Selling Guide

Sell your print-on-demand book better this holiday season. Capitalize on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with this easy to follow guide

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