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Meet Lulu Author: Linda Taylor


Linda Taylor is the youngest of six surviving children- there were eight children and Taylor was actually the seventh child of the seventh child. Psychic phenomena have always been of interest. Although she cannot claim to have had any particularly strange experiences, except for three presentiments of deaths.

What do you think served to inspire your writing?

My father was in the Eighth Army – conscripted. My mother was Belgian and lived there during the German occupation in WWII. They met in Belgium and their stories were my first inspiration. My father ran a small guest house, here in this same Sussex seaside town where I have lived all my life. The stories I heard told by our guests have also been an inspiration. I think being brought up among so many elderly people gave me an early insight into human nature, an awareness of time and the fragility of life.

Have you always considered yourself a writer?

I have always been a writer. I wrote a lot of poetry when I was in my troubled teens and wrote my first novel by hand. Then I lost it! I have never found it nor attempted to replicate that first one.

How do you transform an idea into a book?

When I have a novel or an idea in mind, it is like a mental itch.  From whence it comes I do not know… but it comes and goes… and when it itches, I tend to write about 500/1000 words at a time. When I get the “itch” in bed at night, I sit up and make a note, usually a few words that will prompt me the next day to write some more.

How do you develop your plots and characters?

When writing my two thrillers, I found the plots difficult and they taunted me some nights and I would then realise “hey! I left this out”, or “no, she can’t say that because she said this…” – these two novels are absolutely  NOT autobiographical, although when I completed the first one, Dangerous Dolls,  I realized one of the characters was drawn from someone I knew from my working life (I am now retired).


Sue Brown,a disturbed woman with overwhelming feelings of rejection and her lover, Aisha, a mysterious beauty, plot to kidnap Sue’s first love. Their plan takes an unexpected and macabre twist.


However, of these last two, I knew how I was to end them from the very beginning. (No, I cannot explain why or how, sorry!) Some of the more autobiographical novels are based on truth, or what I believed to be true. I do not read thrillers so my inspiration can only have come from cinema, theatre or the telly.

What’s in the works?

I have not yet felt an urge to write a children’s novel- although I have a few stories about and for them.  Nor, so far, have I wanted to try to write science fiction. But who knows?

Glenn H

- Archived Author -
Writer extraordinaire and generally amazing guy, Glenn makes sure that every day is the best day ever.

11 thoughts on “Meet Lulu Author: Linda Taylor”

  1. Well, hello. I’m new and have been inspired to write a 3 part apocalyptic sci-fi and 1st book is finally finished after 11 years. I’ve found my niche and just wanted the other authors here to please pray for me to get through the publishing. They are of visions since 2006-2017 called “Season Of The Witnesses.”

  2. Hi Harold,
    DO have a go at writing… you don’t know what you are capable of, until you try!
    Good luck.

  3. This is so inspirational thanks to each of you for sharing how you accomplished your goals of book writing. I’ve had several thoughts writing a book in my heart for many years and I look forward to accomplishing those goals and deserve this year I hope you’re from you soon again thank you for sharing

  4. Hi Dawn, thanks for your contribution.
    Good luck to you too with your quest.
    I am currently writing a sequel to Mollie & Co which is a light novel about retiring with some common observations on marriage when couples are 24/7 and older.
    kind regards

  5. Dawn Butler Hutchison

    I located a book I had written many years ago and your book came into view while searching for ” Dawns’ Life Story.”
    Quite oddly, you mention how you wrote, and experiences you related, as a writer.
    It is amazing that the feeling to write and
    almost, psychic experiences came to me, as well.
    “The two other, actually three, books were written not long after, “Dawn’s Muse” and another, more, haunted me, until they were finished.
    Currently, I feel the drive to write my last novel of the final part of my life. I am close to my 80’s. This is my quest in life.
    Best of luck with your book. Writers tend to walk similar paths.

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