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Mindfulness for Writers- Three Good Things

Journalling has long been a constructive tool for authors. It’s an excellent way to store ideas for future work and it’s beneficial for mental health. It’s all too easy to overlook the good things in life when every news cycle is doom and gloom. Instead of answering the question “How was your day?” with a deep, melancholic sigh, try the Three Good Things mindfulness for writers practice.  

The exercise comes from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good in Action, a collection of research-based methods to improve happiness and well-being.  

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You have a 10 step Korean skin care routine, so why not take 10 minutes of self care for your wellbeing? Follow these simple steps to rediscover the goodness that surrounds you. Your brain will thank you. Mindfulness for writers is vital; as a writer we need our minds to stay sharp and focused. But that’s not something that just happens. We have to cultivate a mindful lifestyle.





10 minutes a day for at least 1 week

How To – Mindfulness for writers

  1. Think of something pleasant that happened in your day. It doesn’t have to be a life-changing event. It can be big or small.
  2. Name the event – ex: “My boss gave me a shout out in a company-wide email.” “My friend sent me the best cat gif ever”
  3. In detail, write what happened. What did you say or do? What did others say or do?
  4. How did the event make you feel in the moment and as you reflect on it later?
  5. Write down why do you think the event happened.

If you begin to focus on negative emotions, try to realign your thoughts, and find positivity. It might be difficult, but as with most things in life, it gets easier with continued practice.   Don’t worry about the grammar, spelling, or anything else that would horrify your editor.  After a few days of documenting the Three Good Things, you may see a shift in your perception. You’ll take more notice of the good things that happen throughout your day and savor the moment of gratitude.

If you need more convincing about the advantages of practicing gratitude, see Amy Morin’s Forbes article that details 7 scientifically proven benefits ranging from better physical health to improved relationships.  

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In addition to journaling, try taking pictures of the good things that happen throughout your day. This can help you remember the event. Plus, it’s great material to create a photo book highlighting the positivity in your life. Compile the journal entries with corresponding images to preserve your memories and gratitude. For more information about creating a photo book, check this out.  

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