3 keys to Modern Thought Leadership

 Modern Thought-Leadership: It doesn’t happen overnight

With the ever-expanding world of social media come the growth of influence. Being an influencer is conceptually very similar to a thought-leader. In fact, thought leadership has experienced a resurgence and enjoyed an expanded application across many fields.  Just last week, I worked with the awesome team at Prezi to create a map for thought leadership.  Out of this research developed a pathway and three key, absolute must-have drivers:

Passion and Drive

A characteristic all thought-leaders share.  Not only do they have a new idea or way of thinking about something, but they all also possess an avalanche-like drive to share this idea with the masses.  It is what keeps them awake at night, which makes them attend every conference, present at every forum, and write every blog post.  You must have a passion for the subject.  Want some inspiration?  Check out any TED Talk.

Innovative Use of Tools

Every influencer/thought-leader I’ve ever run across from Deepak Chopra to Guy Kawasaki have all used creative ways to spread their knowledge with new audiences.  This is now easier than ever in that anyone with an imagination and access to the web can find an audience.  Social media outlets provide inventive opportunities for sharing and connection.

Thought Leadership is about Audience

Yes, meeting your audience face-to-face after a presentation matters, book signings matter, interactive Q&A sessions matter.  The audience matters (A LOT).  The most successful thought-leaders realize this fact and take great care to not only reach out to but also elicit feedback from their audiences.

These three points just scratch the surface of the path to thought-leadership but, truthfully influencers and innovators can come from anywhere…so, STAY MOTIVATED AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS! (also, checking out some of the steps summarized in the thought-leadership Prezi won’t hurt either.

What does modern-day thought-leadership mean to you?  How are you spreading your ideas?

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