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Inspirational Women (Featured Authors)

To celebrate Women’s History Month, our featured Lulu authors this month are three motivational women! If you’re in need of a coloring book filled with sheroes, a memoir about perseverance, or a guide to advancing your career, look no further!

Summer Dawn Reyes

Author Summer Dawn Reyes is a multi-talented author, director, and organizer. Her book, Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, is a celebration of women of color and their vibrancy. A part of Reyes’s larger project, Thinking In Full Color, an organization that empowers women of color through education & the arts.

Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines

Growing up, we all have heroes — from cartoon characters that remind us of us, to famous people who’ve overcome the same challenges we face. But finding these heroes isn’t easy for everyone, especially young girls of color. That’s why we made Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines, a coloring book featuring groundbreaking women of color. We want to tell a dozen stories and inspire hundreds of girls. By giving young women of color positive role models who look like them, we help them visualize a world where they become heroes, too. Our pages pay tribute to Maya Angelou, Pura Belpré, Angela Davis, Katherine Johnson, Rita Moreno, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Mithali Raj, Naoko Takeuchi, Kara Walker, Anna May Wong, Holly Woodlawn and Malala Yousafzai! ABOUT THINKING IN FULL COLOR Thinking In Full Color is an arts and education organization focused on empowering women of color. For more information and to get involved, visit

Girls Who Colored Outside The Lines

The book came about as part of Reyes’s desire to give young women and girls of color clearly defined role models. Learn more about Summer on our Facebook Live:

You can also find a Guest Post on our Better than Yesterday blog from Summer Dawn Reyes.

Keep Up With Summer:

Velma Scantlebury, Ph.D.

Our second featured author for March is a memoir from Velma Scantlebury, the first black, female transplant surgeon. Her incredible story begins with Dr. Scantlebury’s youth in Barbados and follows her as she learns and pursued her dreams to become a surgeon.

Beyond Every Wall

A remarkable journey in the life of young girl, born in Barbados, and her incredible stories as she struggled to become the first African American transplant surgeon in the United States. This book gives you a remarkable glimpse into the life and culture of Barbados. She takes us into the operating room where a transplant is being performed, as well as into her life as she journeys from a teenager in Brooklyn to overcoming the doubts and negativity that she encountered in her quest to become a surgeon. The struggles of advancing a career in a male dominated field are coupled with her personal struggles with depression, marriage and motherhood. As a role model and mentor, her story highlights possibilities for young girls whose dreams can become realities

Beyond Every Wall

Here’s our Facebook Live feature with Lulu author Velma Scantlebury:

Addie Perkins Williamson, Ph.D.

Last but not least, we have Addie Perkins Williamson, Ph.D. and her book ‘Crossing The Finish Line.’ Addie is a organizational psychologist who focuses on helping people in the workplace stay on track and find success.

Crossing the Finish Line: Getting to the Top and Staying There

An essential guide to accelerating your career, getting to the highest levels of your organization—and staying there. Addie Perkins Williamson is founder and CEO of Perkins Williamson Associates; a boutique organizational-development consulting firm that helps companies increase their operating effectiveness and efficiency, ensure high levels of employee engagement, and improve their overall global competitiveness. Prior to starting her own firm she was an executive at The Chase Manhattan Bank, Pfizer, Pepsi Cola and American Express.

Crossing the Finish Line: Getting to the Top and Staying There

Learn a little more about Addie and her amazing book in our Facebook Live feature:

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