Copyrighting Your Work 101

Basics to understanding USA copyright laws and how they affect your book publishing journey.

Lulu Author Interview: Bob Marckini

Robert J. Marckin is the top-selling author of You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, a survival guide that he wishes had been available when he was diagnosed.

Make Books, Make Bank

Get Financial Advice From Lulu Authors

Get and keep your finances in order with these three money-minded books from the Lulu Bookstore sure to give you the financial advice you need.

Get Fit With Lulu!

Get fit for Family Health and Fitness day this year with three amazing books from the Lulu bookstore.

Lulu Author Interview Blog Cyan

PCOS: One Woman’s Journey

A conversation with Lulu author Julie Renee Holland via email about her struggles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Ice Cream Dreaming at Lulu

July is national Ice Cream month! Get into the fun with these awesome Ice Cream themed books from Lulu

Guest Blogger Header Graphic Ocean Blue

Burn, Which, Burn!

Burn, Which, Burn is some simple but vital Grammar advice from guest blogger Richard Curtis, a long time writer and knowledgable editor.

Brainstorming Blog Header Image

The Power of Brainstorming

There are no bad ideas. Brainstorm everything to focus, find the best ideas, and make your work excel.

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