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New Lulu ebooks are Here!

Lulu is happy to introduce EPUB format eBooks for our authors! This easy to create file type allows you to offer your book in digital formats on a variety of devices.

Understanding Lulu

Let us shed a little light on how Lulu works and what we offer authors so you can better understand Lulu and our processes.

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International Shipping Solutions

Understanding International Shipping is no easy task. Learn how Lulu handles shipping solutions to better inform you and your sales plans

Buy This Book!

How do you convince readers to buy this book? Or any book? It’s not easy, but today we have a few quick tips to help drive more sales.

Copyrighting Your Work 101

Basics to understanding USA copyright laws and how they affect your book publishing journey.

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Lulu Author Interview: Bob Marckini

Robert J. Marckin is the top-selling author of You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, a survival guide that he wishes had been available when he was diagnosed.

Make Books, Make Bank

Get Financial Advice From Lulu Authors

Get and keep your finances in order with these three money-minded books from the Lulu Bookstore sure to give you the financial advice you need.

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