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Prepared to Scare (Featured Authors)

October has come and gone, but the spirit of pumpkin spice, Halloween, and fall lives on! These Lulu Featured Authors for October each bring their own unique take to the season that keeps the holiday alive all year long. Read on and prepare yourself for chilling tales.

Kelsey Anne Crnich

First up we have Kelsey Crnich and her amazing kid’s book Halphaween. Using a different Halloween themed creature or event for each letter in the alphabet, Halphaween is the perfect blend of fun and educational. As Kelsey says, “learning is fun if it doesn’t seem like work!”

Illustrated and written entirely by Kelsey, Halphaween is one of our favorite Lulu books, representing what anyone can achieve all on their own. If you don’t have a copy of Halphaween, keep scrolling to find the link. You won’t be disappointed!

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Halphaween is a beautiful book for all ages. Featuring vintage illustrated drop cap, rhymes, and spooky illustrations; learning the alphabet is all of a sudden a joy instead of a chore. Parents will enjoy reading this book to their children and reminiscing about the days they would get dressed up to go trick or treat!


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James Gilks

Our second featured author for October is James Gilks, with his chilling book Serial Killer Calendar. Part of a series of magazines, calendars, and books, the Serial Killer series provides historical information about serial killers from all over the world.

That may seem macabre, but James is very clear about why he publishes: “We do not glorify these monsters. We never take their side. We are not here to make them pop culture icons. We only want to understand why they do the horrible things they do.”

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Serial Killer Calendar: This Day In Killer History

This perfect bound Serial Killer Calendar book includes detailed facts and trivia about serial killers for every day of the year. It also includes the best true crime artwork from around the world. Want to know who what happened today in serial killer history?

 Serial Killer Calendar

Dawne Dominque

Up next is an incredible adult coloring book, Day of the Dead Tired. Filled with intricate designs including skulls and other Halloween themes, this is one coloring book you will struggle to put down!

Created with co-author D. Thomas Jerlo, Dawné’s coloring book is a work of art even before you break out your colored pencils. With multiple books, Dawné has a background in nearly every aspect of the publishing process, from editing to artist to author. Learn more about Dawné and Day of the Dead Tired from our recent Facebook Live.

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Day of the Dead Tired

AN ADULT COLORING BOOK TO HELP RELIEVE THE STRESS OF THE BAD DAY YOU’RE HAVING. This is not for the faint of heart coloring book. Some images are quite intricate and will require 100%% of your attention. ENJOY!

Day of the Dead Tired

Bob Curran & Andy Paciorek

Last but certainly not least, we have Bob Curran and Andy Paciorek, the author/illustrator duo behind The Wytch Hunters’ Manual. Working with Wyrd Harvest Press, the duo created their book in the 16th and 17th century style to offer insight into Witches throughout history. Starkly honest but also entertaining, The Wytch Hunters’ Manual is an educational adventure into history.

Both author and illustrator actively explore the weird and strange in our world with their other works, including a forthcoming 21st Century Ghost Stories book. If you’re looking for a bit of Halloween fun with some historical value thrown in, The Wytch Hunters’ Manual is the book for you!

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The Wytch Hunters’ Manual

Finding its way into the hands of Dr Bob Curran and Andy Paciorek, Wyrd Harvest Press now bring to the eyes of a modern readership the remaining fragments of the ancient, once thought forever-lost, book, ‘The Wytch Hunters’ Manual’. Within its pages can be found details of the tomes and tools that should be at the disposal of all professional witch-hunters as well as biographies of notable finders and prickers and their notable foes both earthly and hellish.

The Wytch Hunters' Manual

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