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Use Lulu to publishing to Kindle!

Time for a victory dance. You’ve mastered the Interwebs by publishing your ebook on You’re a Level 10 Author! But to rank up to Bestselling Mobile Device Master, you must submit your ebook for distribution. This sends your ebook to online retailers across the globe, including Amazon’s Kindle store.

Kindle is the world’s best selling ereader, made so by the massive reach of Amazon. Even readers who don’t have a Kindle can buy and read your ebook on their smartphone, tablet or computer via the Kindle Cloud Reader.

How to get your ebook from Lulu to Amazon Kindle (and everywhere else)

First things first, you’ve:

Lulu Kindle screenshot

Now how do you get your ebook into the Kindle store and all other online ebook retailers? Simple; go to the My Projects page, click the Manage distribution icon to the right of the ebook, and choose your ebook distribution options.

You can opt into the Kindle channel while also having your ebook submitted to the iBookstore, Nook store, Kobo Store and Everything else. Click to Save your choices and your ebook’s journey begins.

I love nerds

Lulu’s techno-sorcery will even convert the EPUB file you created on Lulu to a MOBI file automatically as part of the process of submitting your ebook to Amazon’s Kindle store. If you are curious about how your ebook will look on a Kindle eReader, you can get an idea of what the MOBI version will look like using a free EPUB to MOBI converter. Searching the term “EPUB to MOBI” should list a few.

Greater visibility leads to greater success

Take for example Andy Weir, a computer programmer who self-published the best selling science fiction novel “The Martian.” He initially offered free chapter downloads on his website and listened to his readers’ feedback before compiling the chapters into a completed novel. He saw his ebook downloads skyrocket (haha.) after making it available for purchase in the Amazon Kindle store for $0.99. Interestingly, more people downloaded the $0.99 version from the Kindle store than had ever downloaded the free chapters. Go figure.

What did all this visibility get his novel? MORE visibility. (Plus a swanky status with nerdy ladies everywhere, no doubt.) In fact, you can now watch the movie version of “The Martian” starring Matt Damon.

Happy ebook publishing, you tech-savvy author!

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