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Publishing Your Thesis with Lulu

May marks graduation for many college students, a time of celebration after years of dedication and hard work. It also prompts this eternal question: “Now what?” It’s time to make your way in the world, earn a living and impress the world with your education. If you wrote an undergraduate thesis, master’s project or doctoral dissertation, Lulu can help on two fronts: earning cash and spreading knowledge.

It’s free and easy to upload your thesis onto Lulu. And getting a professional-quality bound copy of it delivered to your doorstep is quick. Moreover, we offer services that can create a professionally designed cover specifically for your work. To get your research out there, we can assign your work an ISBN and even get it listed on the iBookstore (SM) and NOOK™ book store. By publishing on Lulu you retain control of all copyright and permission settings. You determine who can view your work, and when. If you feel that publishing your thesis, final project or dissertation on Lulu sounds like a viable option for you, then please read the steps below for more information on how to get started.

Before you start your thesis

Foremost, check with your department, committee chairs or advisor on any rules you must follow for publishing your academic work. Requirements vary across departments and schools.

Browse Lulu’s catalog

You might find it helpful to browse to see what other students have published. From M.F.A. final projects to Ph.D. dissertations, Lulu has an extensive catalog of student work. For instance, Yale University has a collection of Ph.D. theses, Master’s theses, and senior theses.  If your project is more creative, then you might read Graduate Student’s thesis project yields a Children’s book. You might also want to read about the University at Albany alum Rashaun J. Allen who used Lulu to publish his collection of poems entitled A Walk Through Brooklyn.

Read reviews from other students

Check out what other students have said about publishing their work on Lulu. See why this student chose to publish a 300-page thesis with Lulu instead of taking it “to the binders” or why this student chose Lulu over a local print shop. These reviews might help answer any questions you have.

Protecting your thesis research

Some graduate schools require that you copyright your work before publishing, so make sure you take the appropriate steps to protect your work. At the very least, it is recommended that you include a copyright notice on your thesis, i.e., Copyright 2010, John Doe or ©, John Doe. Please note that there is a possibility that posting your dissertation or thesis online could prevent it from later being accepted by professional journals. Please consult with your advisor and/or committee to make the most informed publishing decision that will not only meet your immediate goals but long-term ones.

Determining who will have access to your thesis

There are three general availability settings you can assign to your project: private, direct, and general. These permission levels can be set to control who can access your project, and these settings can easily be changed anytime. You might wish to keep your project private at first, print a proof copy for your advisor or committee members, and update the access permissions after they have granted you final approval to publish. Or, assign direct access to your work and email the book’s URL to select readers for feedback and peer review before making it available to the public. Whatever you decide, you maintain full control over who sees your work and when.

Promoting your thesis

Once your project is open to the public, add tags and keywords to your product description — doing so will help increase the chances that users will find your work when searching on terms pertinent to your topic.  Now that graduation is upon us, hopefully this post will make one of the many decisions you have to make a little easier. Regardless of what path you choose, Lulu can help showcase all the hard work and effort you put into your academic career.

Best of luck!

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23 thoughts on “Publishing Your Thesis with Lulu”

  1. Congratulations .
    It’s good and you are doing a wonderful work which is useful to readers and the authors..
    Dr Rajvir Yadav India

  2. Everyone loves what you guus are usually up too.
    This type of clever work and exposure! Keep
    up the awesome works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

  3. I am about to finish my undergrad thesis, and I am interested in publishing it. I noticed no one ever answered others in the past about doing the same thing. I would like to have an answer soon. I graduate in 2 weeks.

  4. Dear sir,
    I have researched on “nuclear force” which is published in international journals,I want to publish this research in books through your side as a contributory volume..please make response
    Md. kamal uddin
    Author–Nuclear force

  5. Greetings! Let me introduce myself first. I am Kloyde A. Caday, 19, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in English at Mindanao State University-General Santos City. I am a Filipino, and an aspiring teacher of English. I had written a thesis entitled Language Dynamism in the Poems of E. E. Cummings.
    I would like my thesis to be published online. I would like to ask for help from you guys. How can I publish my thesis for free? What are the formats to be used? Are there any benefit, compensation, and the like upon submission?
    This unpublished material of mine was mainly written for English teachers (both ESL and EFL). Through the demonstration of E. E. Cummings’ unconventional language use, his poetry can be utilized as a material in teaching Linguistics. The study justifies the significant role of literature to language teaching and learning. It employed stylistic approach, a critical analysis to literature which is often overlooked by teachers and students. The study also contains the interpretations of the confusing and avant-garde poems of E. E. Cummings. Thus, this thesis may serve as a teacher’s guidebook in his or her profession.
    To give you an overview of my thesis, here are the study’s Statement of the Problem and Subjects of the Study:
    Statement of the Problem
    This study sought to identify and analyze the language dynamism in the poems of E. E. Cummings.
    Specifically, it aimed to answer the following questions:
    1. What forms of language dynamism are found in the poems of E. E. Cummings related to:
    a. Orthography
    1. Spelling
    2. Punctuation
    3. Capitalization
    b. Syntax and Structure
    1. Word Order
    2. Structural Ambiguity
    c. Semantics
    1. Lexical Ambiguity
    2. Types of Meaning
    a. Denotative
    b. Connotative
    c. Affective
    d. Thematic
    2. Why are these forms of language dynamism used in the selected poems?
    3. What are the implications of the author’s language dynamism to language teaching and language learning?
    Subjects of the Study
    The subjects of the study are the poems of E. E. Cummings. The researcher purposively selected fifteen (15) poems. The following are: (1) somewhere i had never travelled, gladly beyond, (2) anyone lived in a pretty how town, (3) in Just-, (4) 1(a, (5) r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r, (6) !blac, (7) the sky was candy luminous, (8) n(o)w, (9) Buffalo Bill’s, (10) (applaws, (11) i carry your heart with me(i carry it in, (12) dying is fine(but Death, (13) nobody loses all the time, (14) (fea, and (15) un(bee)mo.
    The selected poems were purposively selected since they contain linguistic features that are significant in identifying the phenomenon of language dynamism in a literary piece.
    I look forward to reading your wise replies, hoping that this thesis can inspire both poets and teachers like me. More powers!

  6. Icompleted my MSc. in environmenntal science and would like you to help me publish my thesis. How do I go about it?

  7. I am considering using your website to make copies of a PhD thesis but the fact that it is assigned an ISBN worries me. To be sure I don’t run into copyright issues in the future I would just like to use your website to produce 5-6 copies of my thesis for personal distribution but I don’t want it publicized at all because I am required to submit it to a thesis database. Can you help someone like me? I am willing to pay a premium if my request goes against your business model, but you guys are like 4x cheaper than a local publisher so I thought I’d check.

    1. @Stephen Good question. If you’d like to make your book private, simply create a book on Lulu without an ISBN and mark the project as “private.” This will allow for you to be the only person who can access and purchase the book.

  8. Hi,
    I recently finished my MSc in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies with a distinction and I want to publish my dissertation. How can I do it?

  9. i really want to publish my master‘s thesis entitled “antas ng bilis ng pagbasa ng mga mag-aaral sa ikaapat na taon”.i graduated last june 2 of this year.what do i need to do?

  10. Keyanao Crisipor

    Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any method you may take away me from that service? Thanks!

    1. @Keyanao Oh dear! I will look into it and see what I can do. Please be patient while I try to figure out a solution. Thanks, Morgan

    2. @Keyanao – We believe that you are talking about comments in our forums not on our blog. We can help with that if you simply send a private message to our forum moderator. Thanks!

  11. I recently graduated with a BS in Business Administration. During my senior year, I had to write a thesis for the honors program at my school. It’s not too long or fancy but I wanted to get it published. Any suggestions please?

  12. Henry,
    1) At Lulu, we have an 80/20 royalty split with 80% going to the author.
    2) We publish eBooks, Paperbacks, Hardcovers, Calendars, Photo Books, etc. We have New York Times best-selling authors who publish with us and first-time authors. Yes, you can publish lesson notes and journals; you’ll just want to make sure to pick the correct publishing format for that content.
    3) Minimum page count depends on the type of print binding and/or if you are publishing an eBook. See more at
    4) Yes. We publish hardcopies.
    5) No. It is free to publish. The only financial commitment is the opportunity cost of your personal time.

  13. Henry Inegbedion

    Sir, Your conditions are not clear.
    I want clarification as regards:
    1. Your terms and conditions. Do you pay Royalties to Authors? if so, what percentage?
    2. Is it only Theses that you Publish? Do you publish Lesson Notes, Journals, etc.
    3. What is the minimum number of pages for any work to be publishable?
    4. Do you publish hard copies?
    5. Do Authors need to make any financial commitment?
    I’ll be g;ad if you can respond promptly.

  14. William,
    You can certainly publish those papers through Lulu. I would suggest publishing them as a paperback (as opposed to a hardcover) to keep the cost a bit lower. Once you publish it, you can add keywords to it based on the subject matter of the paper. That way, colleegues may find your book when searching your topic on the Internet. The good thing about publishing your work and having it available for download or purchase online is that other institutions can easily add your title to course reading lists. University libraries won’t need to stock your book. Professors can just add your book to their syllabus and include a link to purchase it on Lulu. You may also want to check out our professional services where you can get an ISBN and/or have your book available on Amazon or eBay.
    Finally, for shorter papers, you may want to consider converting your paper to ePub format and make it available as an eBook on the iBookstore(SM) through Lulu. I have found that eBooks are great for shorter papers because there are no page length requirements, and someone may be more likely to download your paper for $0.99 as an eBook.
    Hopefully that helps. Lulu is certainly a good place to publish your papers. It’s always better to make your work available to the world then having it sit on your hard-drive – given the amount of work you would have put into them. Also…it’s free to publish, so you might as well.

  15. William Molnar

    I am a 3rd year doctoral student and in the course of my program have written three extensively long papers ranging between 150-180 pages. These papers however, are not considered a thesis. I did not have to defend these. Is there a way to get them published? I would really like to get recognition for the many years I spent on these three papers.

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