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Where and when is your favorite place to write?

We asked our author community where they write and what makes that place special. What is that place to write that just gets your writing juices flowing?

As you can imagine, the responses were as diverse as Lulu authors. Some prefer working at a desk, others in bed. Others prefer music in the background, others prefer silence. Some write by hand while others prefer computers, laptops, and tablets. We have selected a few of our favorite responses to share.

Where do you write?

Sitting at my window just watching nature and reflecting on life’s synchronicities

Mahdiyah A.

In my spare bedroom that I redecorated and refurnished
as a writing space cum office cum library. It’s more comfortable than hunched on the sofa and the view out the window is nicer this side of the building that on the other side.

Merita K.

I do all my writing on the Path train.

Havana G.
Mahdiyah A Window
Mahdiyah’s Window
Rena's Armchair
Rena’s Armchair

In my armchair at any time of the day when the words are flowing and my fingers are flying over the keys.

Rena B.

Currently, at my desk in Afghanistan with my headphones on. My coworkers beg for pages at the end of the day. They’re hooked.

Guenevere R.

Outside on the town green.

Jessika S

Hmmm, the best place to write is at work because my desire to not be there allows me to escape into my dream job.

Sheena A

When do you write?

Anita O beach

My desk in my room at night because it’s quiet. I’m least distracted and write better at night.

Moriko F.

In the front room at 2a.m. to 4a.m. in the morning when the world is asleep!

Ranis T

I usually write in the evenings. I like it when the streets are quiet, the people are gone, and everything is dark. And I write at home, in total silence.

James C.

I do my best writing while cooking dinner and cleaning the house. I love doing both and that relaxes me and gets my mind going. It’s special because writing is my escape and clears the clutter in my head.

I write on the go, I write late at night, I write all the time!! I also like to take photos, which also helps me write even more!

Anita O

Writing aids: coffee, tea, margarita?

In a bar drinking coffee at a table by the window.

Laura D.

Sitting outside a little cafe in my Greek village listening to my mp3 watching the people go by whilst I sip a Fredochino.

Karina K
Karina’s Beverage of Choice

Sitting in my window seat looking out at the countryside scenery with either a pen & pad or my laptop, oh and a HUGE mug of coffee.

Rebecca H.

At my 2-foot by 2-foot table in my bedroom! It is the perfect surface for a laptop, iPad, and glass of pop!

Jan S.

At home, with coffee at my side, in my PJs. When I’m comfortable, there’s no stopping me from writing. I could sit there for hours and just get it all out on paper. It’s like therapy…

Jennie C

Most of the time, if I need to do typing, it’s at my desk. I have a huge touch screen and an antique wingback office chair that are perfection. However, if I’m actually *writing,* then I am usually in bed with my lap desk. Either way, there is ample space for a bag of cookies and cream Hershey’s Kisses or a big frozen margarita.

Jaqueline J.

Given all of these choices, I think I’ll bring Rena’s armchair to Greece and sip a margarita while I struggle through the next chapter of my masterpiece – or the next article for the Lulu blog.

Happy writing!

Glenn H

- Archived Author -
Writer extraordinaire and generally amazing guy, Glenn makes sure that every day is the best day ever.

13 thoughts on “Where and when is your favorite place to write?”

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  3. Virginia T Porter

    I sit at my dining room table as it is more comfortable than my desk. Also lots of room to spread my notes, thesaurus and word finder that I have used since 1972. I am now working on a new mystery which may be another Novella as I am 82 years old. Maybe someday a complete novel.

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  6. I used to sit back in the evenings and listen to jazz or blues and type on my computer. I put on a set of headphones turned up the music and tuned out the world

  7. William Perry Jr

    I like to write in my room with my window open. Or if it’s a nice day outside, I would probably go out in the backyard and write while looking at the birds fly by!

  8. Kathy Triebwasser

    I write also anywhere but my favorite is to lay down track by hand for the daily expressive stuff. I always move that around to day or night when I need it. The creative writing is much different. It comes in so many ways, listening with people, alone reflecting, and by hand, computer, whereever it can happen. I write to people as well, emails, letters, notes, photo books, scrapbooks, texting, responding to whatever opportunity that comes my way. Writing is an expressive art with no end.

  9. Favorite place to write is at home and the best part I don’t have any deadline I am solo!

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  12. In a parking lot, right after I retired, while my spouse shopped the malls, was not only my favorite, but my most productive place to write.

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